New Spirit Trailer Still Looks Goofy

Sam Jackson & Gabriel Macht in The Spirit

Samuel L. Jackson & Gabriel Macht in a scene from The Spirit

There is another (and presumbaly, final) trailer for Frank Miller's movie version of The Spirit. Up until now, everything about his film has looked ridiculous and pretty awful. I will say that this latest trailer is MUCH better than the previous one or the footage shown at Comic-Con this Summer.

But don't take that as a ringing endorsement.

I won't delay any more... watch the trailer for yourself:


To me, this still looks goofy and cheesy beyond belief. There are a couple of hints of the footage we saw at Comic-Con, but it is (wisely) shown only briefly throughout this trailer. I think this trailer is a reaction to the online reaction to what's been seen so far, and an attempt to make it look more "serious."

I still don't buy it. I could turn out wrong, but this looks to me like camp on the level of the old Adam West Batman TV series. I kid you not.

I guess we'll find out soon enough when The Spirit opens on Christmas Day.


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