Spies in Disguise Trailer #3: Will Smith Goes Undercover as a Pigeon

Pigeons in Spies in Disguise

Tom Holland turns Will Smith into a pigeon in the new trailer for their animated adventure, Spies in Disguise. After going through no less than three release date changes (it moved from January 2019 to April and then September), the Blue Sky Studios project will finally hit theaters this December, in the hopes of connecting with families over the busy winter holiday frame.

For those who're wondering where the film's pigeon-based premise came from - Spies in Disguise is loosely based on Lucas Martell's 2009 animated short Pigeon: Impossible, which follows rookie CIA agent Walter Beckett as his first mission in the field goes terribly wrong after a pigeon gets trapped in his high-tech briefcase. For Spies in Disguise, Walter has been re-imagined as a good-natured, but aloof scientist (voiced by Holland) who works for a far more suave and debonair super-spy named Lance Sterling (Smith).

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In an effort to help Lance on his latest dangerous mission, Walter invents a new kind of technology (which he calls "biodynamic concealment") that, in theory, will make Lance practically invisible. Things don't go out as planned, though, and Lance ends up being changed into a pigeon instead, forcing him and Walter to join forces and save the day together. For more on that, watch the new Spies in Disguise trailer below.

Directed by Blue Sky veterans Nick Bruno and Troy Quane, who drew from a script by Brad Copeland (Ferdinand), Spies in Disguise will be the first Fox-animated feature to reach theaters since Disney finalized its purchase of the studio's movie and TV assets earlier this year. The Mouse House has already announced that Blue Sky is being integrated into Walt Disney Studios, and brought former Disney Animation Studios head Andrew Millstein onboard as co-president in August (after former co-president Andrea Miloro stepped down in July). So far, however, Disney has yet to announce any additional Blue Sky projects after Spies in Disguise.

Clearly, the Mouse House hopes that the combination of the film's playfully wacky premise and Smith headlining (with Holland in tow) will be enough to entice audiences to give Spies in Disguise a look around Christmas, even in the face of competition from films like Jumanji: The Next Level and Disney's own Star Wars 9 over the same frame. Still, even if Spies in Disguise is a hit, it's not apparent what the future will hold for Blue Sky and Fox Animation. The Mouse House already has its in-house studio and Pixar to churn out movies, so it may have Blue Sky focus on smaller projects (such as original films and shows for Disney Plus) in the future, instead.

Either way - those who think Smith and Holland's animated escapades look like good silly fun will finally get a chance to watch Spies in Disguise this winter.

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  • Spies in Disguise (2019) release date: Dec 25, 2019
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