Spies in Disguise Trailer #2: Will Smith is a Super Pigeon Spy

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Will Smith plays a super-spy who is transformed into a pigeon by his gadget man (Tom Holland) in the new trailer for the animated Spies in Disguise. Blu Sky Studios' upcoming feature was partially inspired by Lucas Martell's 2009 animated short Pigeon: Impossible, which also involved pigeons and secret agents.

Directed by longtime Blu Sky artists Nick Bruno and Troy Quane, Spies in Disguise revolves around one Lance Sterling (Smith), a legendarily debonair spy who's aided by the brilliant, but socially awkward, young scientist Walter Beckett (Holland). When the pair join forces to take on their most challenging mission yet, Walter accidentally ends up testing his latest invention (which he calls "Biodynamic concealment") on Lance and... turns him into a pigeon. Left with little choice, the two have to cooperate and work around the situation or else the entire world will be in grave danger.

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Fox has finally released a new Spies in Disguise trailer online, and just in time for it to begin showing with Holland's MCU blockbuster, Spider-Man: Far From Home, in theaters this week. You can check it out in the space below.

The trailer more or less covers the same beats as the first Spies in Disguise trailer released last fall. Following a montage of Lance being suave and smooth as ice in the field, the preview reveals that Walter's responsible for turning his partner into a wide-eyed bird in the first place. The movie was scheduled to arrive this September when the first teaser dropped in 2018, but ended up being delayed all the way until Christmas Day after Disney finalized its purchase of Fox's entertainment assets in March. That explains both the long break between trailers and why Fox (and, now, Disney) is partially starting over from scratch on Spies in Disguise's marketing at this point.

It's been a rewarding year for Smith so far, with Disney's live-action Aladdin (featuring Smith as The Genie) having only just become the actor's highest-grossing film ever this past week. Meanwhile, there's already been talk of Smith potentially getting some awards season love for his work on Ang Lee's Gemini Man - where the actor pulls double-duty as a hitman and (with some CGI de-aging) his younger clone - ahead of its release in October. As for Spies in Disguise: it seems like a fairly light-weight, but harmless animated romp, and should play well with families over the winter holidays. If all goes to plan, Smith will be three for three with his films by the time that 2019 is done.

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