Spielberg: Warm and Fuzzy No More

I haven't seen Steven Spielberg's version of War of the Worlds yet, but from what I've read it's a pretty dark piece of cinema (as it should be, considering the story). Now this just came across my LCD screen (via Dark Horizons):

"On Wednesday night in Malta, Steven Spielberg quietly began filming the most politically charged project he has yet attempted: the tale of a secret Mossad hit squad ordered to assassinate Palestinian terrorists after the massacre of Israeli athletes at the 1972 Olympics in Munich."

Looks like the wide-eyed days of E.T. and Close Encounters of the Third Kind are gone forever, folks. 2002's Catch Me If You Can is about as close as we're likely to get to a light-hearted film from ol' Steven. I've got a feeling that even the upcoming Indiana Jones flick will be darker than the previous three.

Of course we do have George Lucas in the mix on that one and I'm sure he be a counter-balance to too much gloom and doom. :-)


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