Spielberg in Talks for Dinosaur Show 'Terra Nova'

With Jurassic Park 4 in a perpetual state of pre-production, Steven Spielberg may be set to get his dinosaur fix elsewhere: a Fox TV series entitled Terra Nova.

According to Variety, Terra Nova follows "a family from 100 years in the future who travel back in time 150 million years to the strange and inhospitable environs of prehistoric Earth." Spielberg, along with FOX chairman Peter Chernin is in talks to executive -produce the upcoming sci-fi family-drama.

Though nothing is solid yet, 20th Century Fox is looking to make some quick moves in order to get Terra Nova into the program line-up, possibly foregoing a traditional pilot. Due to an exceptionally costly production budget for the show (i.e. elaborate sets and visual effects), Fox is looking to green-light the series outright, in order to prevent the costly shut down of production for several months.

Confusing time-acrobatics aside (of future people going into the past), maybe it's not quite yet time for a Land of the Lost-style reboot. I mean, it hasn't even been a year since Will Ferrell and the Sleestaks tested the man vs. dinosaur waters - and subsequently drowned.

Hopefully, if nothing else, Terra Nova will keep another Jurassic Park film away from theaters - at least for a little while longer. I say this as a fan of the first films,but we all know the franchise was running on fumes.

More on Terra Nova when we hear it.

Source: Variety

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