Spielberg's Blackhawk Movie Could Be a Wonder Woman Spin-Off

Steven Spielberg will bring DC Comics' Blackhawk to the big screen, and there's a possibility it could be a Wonder Woman spin-off. Warner Bros. found great success last summer with Gal Gadot's solo movie, and recent news of Spielberg joining the DC world could be a sign they're looking to double down on that franchise.

Warner Bros. is looking to find the best way to bring DC content to the big screen. After the disappointment of Justice League, DC Films is now under new management with Walter Hamada running the show, and he's moving quickly. He's already hired directors for The Flash, found a new writer for Batgirl, landed a female director for Birds of Prey, and now possibly snagged Spielberg. On top of that, the studio is also developing a separate banner (unofficially being called Elseworlds) that will tell stories outside of the (also unofficially titled) DC Extended Universe. Joaquin Phoenix is looking to star in The Joker as that banner's first outing.

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With a growing list of projects in development though, the addition of Blackhawk could go either way. There's a case for it to be a fun World War II adventure flick from the mind of Spielberg. But, it also has the potential to be part of the DCEU and take WB back to a time period they recently found very profitable. Before we get to how Blackhawk could connect to Wonder Woman and the universe at large, let's first get to know the hero.

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Who Is Blackhawk?

There have been two men in DC Comics to hold the title Blackhawk. Polish pilot Janos Prohaska was the first to take on the name. Prohaska was part of the Polish Air Force, but found this new identity during World War II. He fought for his country against Nazi Germany's forces, but found little success. It wasn't until the Nazi's took control of his country that Prohaska invented the Blackhawk persona, where he joined up with fellow rebel pilots to continue fighting the war and founded the Blackhawk Squadron in the process.

Blackhawk is as skilled a pilot as they come, and formed a steady team around him. Andre Blanc-Dumont, Carlo "Chuck" Siriani, Lady Blackhawk (Natalie Reed), Olaf Friedriksen, Ritter Hendricksen, Stanislaus Drozdowski, and Weng Chan were members of his fighter pilot team. While this team continued their own comic run for a while after DC acquired the Quality Comics characters, the mainline run ended with Blackhawk #250 in 1977. The team has continued to pop up in the years since, until the title was rebooted, leading to someone else picking up this mantle.

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The other man to be Blackhawk in the comics is Andrew Lincoln. He is a much more recent creation in the world of DC Comics, first appearing in 2011. Lincoln leads the Blackhawk Program in the comics. While he too is an expert pilot, this interpretation of Blackhawk and his team are a more tactical force funded by the United Nations in modern times. Based on the details that have so far surfaced, it doesn't look like this will be the direction Blackhawk goes.

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