'Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark' To Perform On Letterman


On March 1, the cast of Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark will be making their television debut on the Late Show with David Letterman.

Cast members Reeve Carney, Jennifer Damiano, and T.V. Carpio will grace the Ed Sullivan Theater this Tuesday to perform the a song from the show’s first act, “Rise Above.”

This number, written by U2's Bono and The Edge,  falls toward the end of Act I and is the transformational anthem where Peter Parker (Reeve Carney) becomes Spider-Man. Rewriting the Spider-Man’s familiar origin story for the Broadway musical, Peter Parker will receive his powers from the mythical Greco-Roman character Arachne (T.V. Carpio) – a mortal weaver who challenged the Roman Goddess Minerva to a competition and was turned into the world’s first spider.

Accompanying Peter Parker and Arachne for this performance will be Mary Jane Watson (Jennifer Damiano). Although, considering the musical number doesn’t include Watson’s character, one would assume that the number may be tweaked to make her inclusion relevant.

With a budget around $65 million, Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark is the most expensive Broadway production in history. With giant set pieces and wire work that will have Spider-Man fly and fight above the audience, it costs just over $1 million to run the show for a week.

For a musical that has faced funding problems, numerous delays, negative reviews and many accidents in which cast members were injured, this will be the first time that Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark will be able to show the world exactly that they’ve been able to overcome all their highly publicized problems.


Of course, there’s always the chance that some of their problems will follow them to their television debut. While I highly doubt we’ll see Spider-Man fly over the audience, certain aerial effects will most likely be used.

Given the size of their given performance platform in the Ed Sullivan Theater, this may be the perfect venue to show off all of the neat little tricks that the public has been hearing about, but hasn’t had a chance to see.

You can take a look at a preview of Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark below:



Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark opens March 15 at the Foxwoods Theatre in New York City.


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