Every Spider-Man Suit Peter Parker Has In Into The Spider-Verse

The Electro-Proof Costume

The Electro-Proof Costume can be seen in the second teaser for Into the Spider-Verse and, like most of the other costumes in this list, it stands in Peter’s display. It’s a costume that can often confuse fans, since the dominant color frequently changes between black or blue, and the arm and chest padding similarly switches between red and brown.

First appearing in Amazing Spider-Man #425, Spidey donned the Electro-Proof suit to tackle Electro alongside X-Man (that’s not a typo, that’s Nate Grey’s code name). Spider-Man rarely wore the costume after that battle, but like the first Spider-Armor, it’s a uniform that frequently appears in Spider-Man’s video games.

At this point, there’s no sign that Electro will appear in the upcoming movie. Yet there’s still a big chance that the villain could show his face during its story. Considering that the majority of Spider-Man’s classic rogue’s gallery have been confirmed for the film, it’s best to not fully rule out a cameo from Electro just yet.

The Advanced Costume

Spider Man PS4 Advanced Suit

Many fans were excited when they spotted this particular costume peeking over Peter’s shoulder during Into the Spider-Verse’s second theatrical trailer. The large white spider, along with the traditional red and blue patterning, ensure that it’s easily recognizable among Spidey’s ever-expanding array of styles.

The Advanced Costume was unveiled as an exclusive aspect of the blockbuster video game, Marvel’s Spider-Man. Early on in the narrative, Spider-Man’s (Yuri Lowenthal) Classic Costume is damaged as he battles to bring down the Kingpin. After Peter's boss, Otto Octavius, discovers Peter working on the Spider-Man suit, he deduces that Peter must be Spider-Man's right-hand man. So, to help things out, Otto comes up with the design for Spider-Man's Advanced suit. It might be the newest variant of Spider-Man’s costume on this list, but its popularity has already swelled considerably.

The Secret War Suit

With its muted colors, the Secret War suit served as a stealthy outfit in the titular, short-lived comic book story arc. The narrative saw Nick Fury recruit a covert team of Marvel’s heroes, including Daredevil, Wolverine, and Spider-Man, to overthrow the terrorist-funding government of Latveria, before he promptly wipes their memories of the incident.

The Secret War Suit is among the more prominent costumes on display through Into the Spider-Verse’s trailers. However, it rarely ranks among Spider-Man’s most beloved outfits, despite having appeared in several video games, including Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 and Marvel’s Spider-Man.

The Caped Costume

The end of the latest advertisement for Into the Spider-Verse finds Miles teasing Peter over a version of his Classic Suit, which includes a rather luxurious cape. It’s amusing since he had firmly dissuaded Miles from wearing one in the trailer. Plus, the idea of Spider-Man wearing a cape seems hilarious since, aside from Spider-Man 2099 and Spider-Man: Unlimited’s gossamer mantles, he never wears them.

However, during What If #19, writer Peter Gillis explores a world in which Peter managed to prevent the burglar from killing Uncle Ben. Instead of fighting crime, Spider-Man uses this moment to further his career, and soon becomes a movie star as well as a PR guru for the other superheroes. In the course of this story, Spider-Man heads to a movie premiere, wearing his classic costume. But this time, he has added a high-collared cape to it. The design – complete with a broach clasp at the neck – bears a striking resemblance to the one in the trailer, even if the movie version comes without a web pattern.

So what might have seemed like a Doctor Strange reference (the cloak is highly reminiscent of the Sorcerer’s clothing) or an Edna Mode-related gag in Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse is actually an obscure comic book reference to the time that Peter Parker wore a cape.

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