Jon Favreau Hopes Spider-Man Stays In The MCU Somehow

Jon Favreau expresses hope Spider-Man can remain in the MCU somehow. Earlier this week, the film industry was rocked by the news Marvel Studios is no longer involved with the production of future Spider-Man films, after talks between Sony and Disney in regards to a new deal broke down. Disney was seeking a higher percentage for co-financing and box office returns, but Sony wanted to keep things the way they were (where Marvel receives up to 5% of first-dollar grosses in addition to full merchandising rights). With the two sides at an impasse, they parted ways without an agreement in place.

This means that Peter Parker is no longer a part of the MCU, after making five appearances (including two solo films) since 2016. The character was set up to be an integral component of the franchise moving forward, which is why this development was such a blow to Marvel and their fans. Right now, all viewers can do is sit and hope that Sony and Disney can reconvene at some point and iron out a new deal. Unsurprisingly, Favreau counts himself among those ranks.

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Speaking with Variety while at D23, Favreau was asked for his thoughts on the recent Sony/Marvel split. The actor and filmmaker is taking the glass-half-full approach and keeping his fingers crossed something can be worked out:

“You never know what’s going to happen. I’m holding out hope and being optimistic that this isn’t the final chapter of the story between those characters."

Tom Holland's Spider-Man was greatly defined by his relationships and interactions with other MCU characters, particularly Tony Stark. While an argument can be made the MCU's Peter was perhaps too reliant on these connections, fans certainly loved the crossovers and the opportunities they presented for the films. As such, it's difficult to envision the two parties completely separate from one another. This summer's Spider-Man: Far From Home was partially about Peter accepting his responsibility of being "the next Iron Man" for a New Avengers roster and featured a blossoming romance between Aunty May and Happy Hogan (portrayed by Favreau). Far From Home's massive box office success ensures there will be more Spider-Man movies, but to abruptly drop these aspects (especially when there are so many storylines left to resolve) is frustrating and unfortunate. It's possible for Marvel and Sony to continue on their own, but things will still feel incomplete.

It remains to be seen if the two sides can work out a new deal, but Sony clearly feels they don't need Marvel's help anymore. The record-breaking box office success of Venom and Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse becoming an Oscar-winning critical darling gave Sony a tremendous amount of confidence moving forward. Both of those films spawned new franchises for the studio to develop, and audiences are excited to see them continue. Of course, it would be nice if Favreau's wish came true and Spider-Man could return to the MCU, but Sony's independence does open up other creative avenues to explore. One way or another, hopefully this all works out for the best.

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Source: Variety

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