Spider-Man: Tom Holland Personally Helped Sony & Disney Reach New Deal

Spider-Man Homecoming Marvel and Sony Deal

Tom Holland pushed for Sony and Disney to come to terms on a new deal regarding Spider-Man in the MCU. The actor has been a part of the mega franchise since 2016, appearing in a total of five films. Spider-Man was an integral part of Phase 3 (particularly in relation to Tony Stark's arc), quickly becoming a fan-favorite character who seemed poised for bigger and better things as the MCU entered its next era. This summer's Spider-Man: Far From Home even went so far as to make Peter Parker the "next Iron Man," which is why it was so surprising when it was announced in August Marvel Studios would no longer be involved with the production of Spider-Man movies.

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Even though the partnership between Sony and Disney yielded very beneficial results for both parties, the two studios initially could not agree on a new deal and opted to go their separate ways. For a while, it looked like the MCU was going to continue without Spider-Man in tow, but in late September, Sony and Disney reached a new dealSpider-Man: Homecoming 3, which comes out in July 2021, will be set in the MCU and Holland is going to appear in another future Marvel movie. Fans have Holland to thank for this tun of events.

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According to THR, it was Holland who personally reached out to Sony's Tom Rothman and Disney's Bob Iger and asked them to try to figure out a new Spider-Man deal. Obviously, his efforts were successful.

Holland likely understood what most fans already know. It just makes sense for his Peter Parker to stay in the MCU. This cinematic iteration of Spider-Man is partially defined by his relationships with other Marvel characters, so it would have been difficult to separate the two again. Spider-Man leaving the MCU would have created a giant void in the franchise that'd be borderline impossible to fill. Your Friendly Neighborhood remains one of the most popular and marketable Marvel superheroes, and he unquestioningly was going to be part of a New Avengers roster when it came time to make Avengers 5. Kevin Feige might have tried to claim Marvel told the Spider-Man story they wanted, but Far From Home's cliffhanger ending was proof that wasn't the case.

Holland was confident Spider-Man was in good hands at Sony, but it's clear being part of the MCU is special to him. If it wasn't, he wouldn't have gone out of his way to vouch for a new Sony/Marvel deal. The actor was already beloved by fans thanks to his heartfelt and humorous portrayal of Peter Parker, and this development will only endear him to audiences even more. It remains to be seen if Spider-Man's time in the MCU lasts beyond the next two films Holland is contracted for, but audiences can enjoy at least a few more years of peace.

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Source: THR

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