• Spider-man found himself in a sticky situation after trying to stop a black market deal of the infinity formula 1 / 10

    Silver Sable standing over Spider-man vertical
  • Shot by Silver Sable, she stood over him with her rifle ready for a second shot 2 / 10

    Silver Sable pointing her gun at Spider-man vertical
  • But Spidey's sister Teresa makes it a true standoff, pointing her gun at Silver Sable 3 / 10

    Standoff with Silver Sable and Teresa
  • And Teresa did not hesitate, and shot Silver Sable in the head 4 / 10

    Teresa shoots Silver Sable vertical
  • It is revealed that Silver Sable as we know her has been a robot for years, but was able to keep it a secret 5 / 10

    Silver Sable in hospital bed vertical
  • After she was badly injured in the 2012 event Ends of the World 6 / 10

    Silver Sable hurt vertical
  • She had a robot built that she could control remotely 7 / 10

    Silver Sable as a robot vertical
  • So she could continue to protect her homeland from invaders like Dr. Doom 8 / 10

    Silver Sable protect against Doom vertical
  • She wanted to buy the infinity formula from the Chameleon to restore her body to continue to protect her country 9 / 10

    Silver Sable wants to protect Symkaria
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