Spider-Man's Sister is a Cold-Blooded Killer [SPOILERS]

Marvel Spider-Man Sister With Gun

Warning: SPOILERS for The Amazing Spider-Man #33

The amazing Spider-Man is known for his strong moral code, frequently saving villains minutes after they've tried to kill him. But this trait doesn't seem to be shared among ALL members of the Parker family. When Spider-Man finds himself staring down the barrel of Silver Sable, Peter's recently discovered sister, Teresa, decides to solve the problem on her own... shooting her point blank without batting an eye.

For those who missed her introduction, this apparent Spider-Man family murderer is an ex CIA/S.H.I.E.L.D. spy. And while Spider-Man's world is about to go 2099, he's still got enough free time to help her on a stakeout. But things turn ugly when the Parkers swing in to ambush the villains, with the fight cut short when Spider-Man is shot by none other than Silver Sable -- the Foreigner's boss and love interest. And they turn a whole lot uglier when Teresa appears directly behind Sable, with a gun to the back of her head.

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It's there that The Amazing Spider-Man #33 picks back up: Silver Sable with Spider-Man in her sights (something Spidey, true to form, can't help but comment on even given the tense situation). Now in a standoff, Spider-Man's REAL superpower takes over, reminding everyone that they are all good guys here, no matter what circumstances led them to this situation. But when the Foreigner makes a move on Teresa, she doesn't hesitate – and shoots Silver Sable in the back of the head.

Spider-Man Sister Kills Silver Sable

Thankfully, that's the moment readers learn Silver Sable looks the part – a mercenary badass with a big gun - but is actually a Life Model Decoy (re: Robot). The real Silver Sable is confined to a hospital bed in the back of a van, due to massive injuries she endured during the events of Amazing Spider-Man: Ends of the Earth in 2012. She reveals that she has been remote piloting the robot, keeping her secret from everyone, all for the protection and love of her home country of Symkaria. Yes, that includes her recent fight against the Carnage-ized Mile Morales, too.

But if no one else knew that the Silver Sable was a LMD... that means Spider-Man’s sister Teresa didn’t know, and truly meant to murder her in defense of her brother. Peter questions Teresa asking if she knew Sable was a robot (a question that noticeably goes unanswered) as Sable explains her non-villainous intentions with the stolen formula, to be used to restore herself to her former glory to protect her homeland from invading forces. Spider-Man has admitted Teresa does have an anger problem, but the fact that she is willing to take the final step to murder changes things. Life Model Decoy or not, Spider-Man's sister is a cold-blooded killer.

The Amazing Spider-Man #33 is available now from your local comic book shop, or direct from Marvel Comics.

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