Spider-Man Set Photos Catch Masked Spidey in Traffic

Spider-Man reboot costume mask and web shooters

It's been a busy week for Spider-Fans. Five days ago we debuted an official photo of Andrew Garfield wearing Spider-Man's iconic red and blue tights and yesterday, we reported on Emma Stone's confirmation that Peter Parker will utilize mechanical web-shooters in the reboot.

Today, we're getting a batch of on-the-scene set photos from the Spider-Man shoot in Los Angeles - including one long-range shot of the comic book hero in action.

Despite its New York storyline, the Spider-Man reboot is scheduled to shoot primarily in Los Angeles - to take advantage of the West Coast/Hollywood resources. This particular set of photos comes from last night's shoot outside of the Museum of Contemporary Art - on Grand Avenue.

The first image, courtesy of OnLocationVacations, features Spider-Man on foot - dodging traffic. The quality of the photo is poor (to say the least) but should give eager fans a quick snack, ahead of more official images.

Despite featuring a fully costumed Spider-Man, mask and all, the image quality makes it hard to do much speculating - or to give us an indication of whether we'll be seeing a "Classic" Spidey visage or the more-modern "Big Eye" mask introduced by Todd McFarlane in the 90s (as well as featured in the Ultimate series).

In addition to the Spidey-in-action shot. The Daily Blam! has some static shots of prop-vehicles from the set including a Daily Bugle van, a NYPD SUV, and a caution sign featuring a curiously lizard-like animal.



Aside from the not-so-subtle lizard preparing to nip at the finger in the caution sign, the prop photos don't hold much mystery - only offering a simple glimpse at how director Marc Webb is transforming Los Angeles into the Big Apple for the Spider-Man reboot. Even the website for The Daily Bugle (as featured on the side of the van) merely redirects to the website for the Mid-Ohio Comic Con.

Last, we've got set photos from an earlier shoot featuring Denis Leary as George Stacy, courtesy of PacificCoastNews (via ComingSoon).


We'll keep you posted as more photos from the Los Angeles Spider-Man shoot appear.

The Spider-Man reboot swings into 2D and 3D theaters around the U.S. on July 3rd, 2012.

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Sources: OnLocationVacations, The Daily Blam!, PacificCoastNews (via ComingSoon)

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