Spider-Man Reboot Will Feature A Young Peter Parker

Young Peter Parker and Billy Connors in Spider-Man reboot movie

Andrew Garfield won't be the only new kid in town named Peter Parker in Sony's Spider-Man reboot. It turns out the film will also feature a 4-6 year old version of the webslinger as well.

Sony has sent out a casting call for a "dark-haired Caucasian boy" - someone who looks like a kiddie version of Garfield, basically - to play the young(er) Parker in Marc Webb's Spider-Man pic.

The studio is also searching for a kid actor to play Billy Connors, the son of Dr. Curt Connors (Rhys Ifans) - a.k.a. The Lizard. Between surviving cancer and having to deal with his dad transforming into a giant villainous reptile, Billy had a lot to deal with in the original Spider-Man comics and will likely have to handle similar issues in Webb's film as well - especially since the reboot is expected to be grittier in tone than Sam Raimi's previous Spider-Man movie trilogy.

There's no word as to whether a portion of the new Spider-Man will be set in the past and feature the pre-adolescent Parker and Connors, or if the younger versions of the characters will appear via flashbacks. We're also not sure if this means that there will be an older version of Billy Connors in the movie or if tragedy will strike and the young Billy will not survive his childhood. Could the condition of his son play a role in Dr. Connor's eventual transformation into a monstrous villain?

spider-man reboot villain the lizard

Raimi's original Spider-Man movie featured the Green Goblin, a.k.a. Norman Osborn, the father of Peter Parker's BFF Harry, as the webslinger's nemesis. Peter not only eventually had to handle the emotional baggage that came with his discovery that his friend's father had become a psychotic killer, but the shared history of the characters set up for later conflicts between Peter and Harry - who himself eventually became the second Green Goblin. Will the Spider-Man reboot do something similar with Billy and Peter?

The Peter/Harry/Green Goblin storyline did not originate with Raimi's Spider-Man films, but it is possible that Webb's reboot will branch out a bit and attempt to offer fans a not-yet-seen adventure with the web-slinging hero. Or all this speculation could be way off target; we'll find out for sure in a couple of years.

Spider-Man is scheduled to hit 2D and 3D screens in the U.S. on July 3rd, 2012.

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