'Spider-Man' Reboot Set Images: Gwen Stacy at a Funeral

Filming for Marc Webb’s Spider-Man reboot - starring Andrew Garfield as the titular superhero and Emma Stone as the blonde-haired, blue-eyed Gwen Stacy - is officially underway. Somewhere, Sam Raimi is wringing his fists toward the heavens and screaming, “Damn you, Sony, and your rebooting ways!”

Earlier this week, we brought you pictures from the red carpet displaying Emma Stone in her beautiful, natural blonde glory (as opposed to, say, the synthetic red hair we’re used to). And today, JustJared has pictures straight from the set of the Spider-Man reboot – depicting what appears to be a funeral.

Gloomy cathedral? Check. Relentless rain? Check. Black umbrellas? Check. Black Cars? Check. Dark clothing? Double check. Yeah, it’s a typical movie funeral, all right.

There’s no telling whose funeral it could possibly be – after all, nearly 200 people die in New York City every day – but using context clues and the visual absence of Captain George Stacy (played by funnyman and star of FX’s Rescue Me, Dennis Leary), we can assume that it’s probably Gwen’s father in the casket.

Check out the photos of Gwen at the (funeral?) below:


Gwen Stacy’s father – named George in the main 616 Marvel Universe and John in the Ultimate Universe – was a New York police captain. In the 616 Universe he appreciated Spider-Man’s work and tried to prove to the public that the red and blue wallcrawler wasn’t a menace. In the Ultimate universe, John admired Spider-Man's vigilante justice, sort of, but was no fan of the hero nonetheless. In 616, he was old (ish) and had the white hair to prove it. In Ultimate, he was fairly young and tough, much like Dennis Leary. In both universes, he died sacrificing his life to save someone else’s.

Therefore, you can pretty much guarantee that the funeral is his.

Meanwhile, The New York Times recently talked to Irrfan Khan (Slumdog Millionaire) about his role as the villain Van Adder. His response was certainly…telling:

“Is that his name? These science-fiction names don’t mean a lot to me. He’s a character who, I think, was not in the comics or perhaps a minor character. I’ve read some pages, but the whole script hasn’t been made available to me.”

Well, it’s good to know that we’re not the only ones in the dark. I guess.

The Spider-Man reboot hits theaters July 3, 2012.

Sources: JustJared & The New York Times

Header image: John Romita Jr., Amazing Spider-Man #600

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