Spider-Man Reboot: The Votes Are In

The delays and rumors surrounding the production of the next Spider-Man and the disagreements between director Sam Raimi and Sony Pictures led to Spider-Man 4 being officially cancelled last week. While many said this couldn't be the case, it was, and on the same day it was canned, Sony officially announced the reboot which is tentatively scheduled for a 2012 summer release.

Needless to say, the internet community was abuzz over this news and while many were happy to see Spider-Man getting a fresh start, many were upset that a reboot was being forced so soon, especially considering that the Spider-Man live-action origins are only a few years old and still fresh in the minds of fans and moviegoers.

In our discussions on the topic we wanted to hear what you the readers thought, so our poll question of the week was simply on the topic of whether or not you were up for a reboot of the Spider-Man franchise. Here are the results:

Spider-Man Movie Reboot: Good Idea or Bad?

  • Terrible idea, keep the current cast (57%)
  • Good idea, it's time for fresh blood (43%)

As you can see, the majority went with disapproval of the idea. This is not such a black and white issue however and I have a feeling there's a middle ground here where those who think the reboot is a terrible idea may actually want a reboot, but not so soon. The same goes for those who want the reboot with new people involved; Perhaps they do like the idea but again, not right away.

In the end, Sony Pictures just wants more of this brand out there because it's guaranteed to perform well at the box office and once they intensely market it worldwide.

As for who might be involved with the reboot? Rumors are already honing in on director Marc Webb as the lead candidate for the gig. We also know that the story is nearly done and that it will follow a young Peter Parker again back in high school

What do you think?

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