Start Dates for Spider-Man Reboot and Men in Black 3

Start Dates for Spider-Man Reboot and Men in Black 3

Regardless of how you feel about Marc Webb's untitled Spider-Man reboot or Men in Black 3, there's no turning back now - both films are scheduled to start filming later this year. SuperHero Hype has learned that Men in Black 3 will begin shooting in New York this September and the Spider-Man reboot will go before cameras in December... in Los Angeles.

Spidey's change in location is surprising but purists shouldn't be alarmed - it doesn't mean that's where the story is set. Although L.A. has stood in for the Big Apple on numerous occasions in other films, it still strikes me as a strange choice. While Sam Raimi shot portions of his Spider-Man films in other cities, he utilized actual New York locations for the majority of exterior filming.

While there may be financial factors involved with the decision, it's also possible that Webb is looking to visually distinguish his Spider-Man reboot from previous adaptations.  With Andrew Garfield cast as the new Peter Parker/Spider-Man, we should start hearing other casting news in the near future and also receive confirmation on who the film's villain will be.

I'm still not on board with rebooting this franchise so soon, particularly if it turns out to be another origin story. I'm not saying Raimi's films were perfect, but I always thought they hit more often than they missed. I know a lot of fans feel there's an opportunity to do a more faithful adaptation - I'm just not as optimistic that this is going to be it. However, I acknowledge that it's still way too early to tell and that we don't actually know very much about the film.  I'm attempting to reserve judgment as best I can until more pieces start falling into place.

Start Dates for Spider-Man Reboot and Men in Black 3


While New York is familiar stomping ground for the MIB franchise, it won't be business as usual for Agents Jay (Will Smith) and Kay (Tommy Lee Jones) this time out. It sounds like the majority of the film will take place in 1969 thanks to a time traveling adversary (Jemaine Clement) who forces Jay to follow him into the past and team up with a younger version of Kay (possibly played by Josh Brolin). Barry Sonnenfeld will direct from a script by David Koepp.

There's been something of a lukewarm response to Men in Black 3 but the lowered expectations may actually prove advantageous to the film. I think the first Men in Black is one of the better comic book adaptations, but found the second movie to be a disaster. I can't imagine a third film being any worse than that.

Josh Brolin certainly seemed enthusiastic about the script and there's also the simple fact that Will Smith doesn't need to do this movie. It's not like he's hurting for a box office hit or needs the money - there must be something else that attracted him to the project after all these years and I think that's a good sign.

We'll find out soon enough. Men in Black 3 hits theaters on May 25, 2012 and the Spider-Man reboot follows on July 3rd, 2012.

Source: SuperHero Hype.

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