'Spider-Man' Reboot To Feature Two Female Leads

Here is an interesting twist in the (seemingly) never-ending story that is the casting of the Spider-Man reboot - it turns out that the film will feature not one, but two leading ladies opposite Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker.

We previously reported that Mary Jane Watson will not be the love interest in the webslinger's reboot - which led us to assume the red-haired gal would not appear in the film at all.  Sources close to Sony are now saying that both classic Spider-Man ladies Mary Jane and Gwen Stacy will appear in the new movie, which would confirm our suspicions that Gwen will be the object of Peter Parker's affection this time around.

Two actresses with recent commercial hits under their belts - Emma Stone (Easy A) and Mia Wasikowska (Alice in Wonderland) - have reportedly met with director Marc Webb and read opposite Garfield, presumably for the roles of Mary Jane and Gwen Stacy, respectively.

Both Stone and Wasikowska are up-and-coming talents who seem like natural fits to star opposite Garfield - who moviegoers will get a better look at when The Social Network opens next Friday - in the "grittier" Spider-Man pic.  Neither one is officially being touted as a front runner at this point in time, but that could easily change over the next few weeks.

Spider-Man reboot Emma Stone Mia Wasikowska Mary Jane Gwen Stacy
Spider-Man has less luck with Mary Jane, left, than Gwen Stacy, right.

Wasikowska has proven herself adept at playing likable but introverted characters in films like this year's Alice and the indie pic The Kids Are All Right.  The Spider-Man reboot could feature an incarnation of the Gwen Stacy character that is your stereotypical "good girl" in high school - attractive and intelligent in her own right but a bit socially awkward and not the kind that goes out of her way to attract the attention of her peers (except that one geek she has a crush on, ie. Peter Parker).

The high school version of Mary Jane would (appropriately) be the exact antithesis of Gwen Stacy - outspoken, less thoughtful, and more interested in a stud football player than a lowly nerd like Peter Parker.  Stone has a pleasant onscreen persona and could work well in the role of Miss Watson by making the character's condescending attitude towards the costume-less webslinger more palpable for moviegoers.

Spider-Man begins filming this December, so we should hear an official announcement about who will play the female leads sooner than later.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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