Who is Madame Web, Sony's Next Spider-Man Superhero?

Madame Web

The Spider-Man movie universe is already growing at Sony, with work on a Madame Web movie apparently already under way. With that in mind, and knowing Sony's plans for Spider-Man could stretch years into the future, we're here to bring fans up to speed on everything they need to know about Madame Web.

With Marvel Studios and Sony ending their partnership with Spider-Man, Tom Holland's wall-crawler is poised to become the anchor of his own shared universe (embracing the Iron Man legacy in unexpected fashion). The jury's out on whether or not Sony's strategy will pay off, but their early decisions are surprising, at least, with the unexpected news that the writers of Morbius, The Living Vampire have been hired to work on a Madame Web movie. She's hardly an A-list character, which means many fans will be eager to know just who she is... and whta about her demands an entire film's worth of exploration.

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Cassandra Webb was born blind and suffering from myasthenia gravis, a chronic autoimmune neuromuscular disease that causes weakness in the skeletal muscles. She compensated for her physical frailty by possessing tremendous psychic powers, and a connection to a mystical force known as the Web of Destiny. That means she is able to sense the past, the present, and the future--and is particularly aware of the presence of those called 'Spider Totems,' like Peter Parker of Marvel's 616 Universe.

Madame Web

The story of Madame Web is complex, but she usually serves as an ally and even a mentor for Spider-Man. However, there have been occasions when she's become selfishly focused upon her own youth and renewal. In one case, Madame Web's mystical sense made her aware of a ceremony called the Gathering of the Five that could potentially rejuvenate herself, and chose to participate along with the Spider-villain Norman Osborn. That kind of alliance is never a good idea, and in the end Madame Web was captured by (potential Spider-Man movie villain) Kraven the Hunter and tortured into giving him insight into the future through her visions.

Kraven would use this information to tear Spider-Man's life apart in a terrible act of revenge. Kraven then slashed her throat, but not before she was able to transfer her powers--and her unique link with the Web of Destiny--to one of the Spider-Women, Julia Carpenter. Julia would go on to play a much more active role as Madame Web, having the potential to sense all time and space, or an awareness of the Multiverse itself. This new Madame Web became active as a field operative, playing a very different role to Cassandra Webb. So while most fans have assumed that Sony's Madame Web movie will star Cassandra Web, Sony has options.

After all, some comics have implied that there must always be a Madame Web, making it a legacy passed from one generation to the next, with Cassandra Webb and Julia Carpenter simply the latest iterations. Making Madame Web a prime chance to see just what Sony has in store for their Spider universe. Or should we say... Multiverse?

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