Spider-Gwen Proves Spider-Man Can Exist In Two Movie Universes


Marvel and Sony have reached a new agreement that appears to mean Spider-Man is part of both the MCU and Sony's villains universe. Thankfully, the Spider-Gwen of Marvel Comics may have just explained how the studios can pull it off.

After several months of tense negotiations, Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures have reached a new deal that means Tom Holland's Spider-Man is now part of the MCU. This new deal appears to be slightly different to the old one, though, according to Kevin Feige's suggestion that Holland's Spider-Man could also be part of Sony's villain universe. The Marvel producer observed that of all Marvel heroes, Spidey is "the only superhero with the superpower to cross cinematic universes." So with te door now open for the wall-crawler to start bouncing between dimensions like a pinball... how could that be a stable situation for either studio?

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Marvel Comics may have already provided a solution. In the comics, Spider-Gwen--who now calls herself Ghost Spider--is an alternate-universe, spider-powered hero. Unfortunately for Gwen, her secret identity is now public knowledge. As a result, it's impossible for Gwen to have a normal life, let alone continue her education. She's resorted to extreme lengths in order to get some sort of normality back; she's subscribed at a college in another reality. That means Gwen Stacy now lives in two dimensions, with her friends and family back home, where she's a publicly-known and controversial superhero. She then heads to the mainstream Marvel Universe in order to enjoy a bit of normality. Naturally, she's found herself suiting up in both dimensions, whether she wants to or not.


There are fascinating parallels between Spider-Gwen's current situation, and Spider-Man's in the MCU. Peter Parker secret identity was revealed to the world in Spider-Man: Far From Home's end-credits scene, which means his private life is about to fall apart. Worse still, Spider-Man was also framed as a supervillain. Whatever happens next, Peter Parker's normal life is over. It's not, however, impossible to imagine a scenario where he figures out how to cross universes in order to get some respite. Avengers: Endgame may have already set the precedent for characters jumping between the dimensions (depending on your view of how its time travel theory worked), and the Loki Disney+ TV series is expected to end with an alternate-dimension Loki jumping into the mainstream MCU timeline. Peter could easily acquire similar technology, and use it to get some privacy on another version of Earth.

That would set up a fantastic new status quo, one that would allow both Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures to use Spider-Man. He could be a public superhero in the MCU, albeit probably still a controversial one for a while. Meanwhile, during the day, Peter Parker jumps into Sony's universe in order to continue going to school, and finds himself drawn into events there as well. This would be a surprisingly easy fix for a complicated situation - and one that's sustainable in the long-run, as well.

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