Spider-Man Will Appear In Another Upcoming Marvel Movie

As part of Spider-Man's return to the MCU, it's been confirmed the character will appear in another upcoming Marvel Studios movie. Earlier this year, the film industry was rocked by the surprising development Marvel would no longer be involved in the production of future Spider-Man films. Sony and Disney attempted to iron out a new deal, but both sides didn't see eye-to-eye on the terms and went their separate ways. For the past couple of months, fans were under the impression Spider-Man was out of the MCU for good as Sony continued to develop their blossoming comic book franchise.

The development upset many, as Peter Parker became an integral part of the MCU over the past few years. This summer's Spider-Man: Far From Home even worked to establish him as "the next Iron Man," so viewers held on to the hope Sony and Disney would be able to reconvene and work something out. Surprisingly, they did, and with the announcement Tom Holland's Spider-Man 3 is going to be part of the MCU, he also has another crossover to look forward to.

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In the press release, Sony and Disney confirmed Spider-Man would appear in an upcoming Marvel Studios film, but would not specify which one.

During Holland's tenure in the MCU, filmmakers took full advantage of the benefits the Sony/Disney deal presented, having Spider-Man interact with numerous other MCU characters. In particular, this iteration of Peter Parker was defined by his relationship with Tony Stark, who essentially became an Uncle Ben-like figure for the young Peter to look up to. As such, it was incredibly difficult to imagine the MCU and Holland's run as Spider-Man continuing without each other. For better or worse, the current live-action cinematic version of Peter Parker is deeply ingrained in the MCU, and obviously the plan was for Spider-Man to be a primary member on a New Avengers roster. Kevin Feige may have claimed they told the story they wanted to tell, but judging by the cliffhanger ending of Far From Home, the intention was for Spider-Man to remain in the MCU.

Time will tell which future MCU movie will feature Peter. His previous crossover appearances came in two Avengers films (Infinity War and Endgame) and a Captain America "solo" movie that was basically another Avengers installment (Civil War). With that in mind, it would be reasonable to assume Marvel is saving Spider-Man for the inevitable Avengers 5. Looking at the Phase 4 slate, there isn't an obvious place where Peter would organically fit, so it may be a few years before he's part of a team-up ensemble again. Regardless of when Spider-Man shows up in an MCU movie, fans will rejoice this news - and hopefully Sony and Disney can iron out another agreement in the future without any issues.

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