Marvel's Spider-Man Cast Were Ready To Continue With Just Sony

The Marvel Cinematic Universe's Spider-Man cast was ready to continue making the third movie with just Sony. These past few weeks have been hectic for Marvel's Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man. Roughly a month ago, news broke that Disney and Sony had split after the two production companies had failed to reach a co-financing agreement over the character. Because of this, it appeared that Spider-Man would be leaving the MCU. But, there was a bright light at the end of the tunnel, as news broke today that Spider-Man would be returning to the MCU. Sony Pictures and Walt Disney Studios announced that they will be co-producing a third movie in Marvel's Spider-Man franchise. Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige and Sony's Amy Pascal were finally able to reach a deal that had fans and Spider-Man cast members rejoicing. Tom Holland was especially excited about the decision, which was shown today in a hilarious Instagram post.

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Alongside starring in a third Spider-Man film, Holland's web-slinger will also be appearing in another upcoming Marvel movie. Although it's currently unclear as to what Marvel movie that will be, the confirmation from Sony and Disney was just enough to satisfy fans who were keeping their fingers crossed for Spidey's MCU return. Now, one of the Spider-Man cast members is opening up about the split and how exciting it is to be back with the Marvel family.

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Jacob Batalon - who plays Peter Parker's best friend Ned Leeds in Marvel's Spider-Man franchise - spoke to Screen Rant as part of Sony's press push for Spider-Man: Far From Home's blu-ray and 4K release. Just hours after the news broke, he opened up about the initial Marvel and Sony split and how the whole cast was fully prepared to move on with Sony for the third film.

I’m really happy. I think we were all really set and ready to go with Sony, we were ready to move on and do the third one just with them, but we’re more than happy to work with Marvel again.

Marvel's Spider-Man movies have proven to be a massive success for both companies. Just this past summer, Spider-Man: Far From Home grossed a whopping $1.131 billion globally, becoming Sony's highest-grossing film ever and the highest-grossing Spider-Man movie of all time. The whole cast, especially Holland's Spider-Man, have also become beloved MCU characters, so it's nice that they'll be able to continue on their stories with Marvel for a little while longer.

Despite Kevin Feige's comments post-split that claimed they had told the story they wanted to tell, the cliffhanger ending in Spider-Man: Far From Home was proof that they were hoping for more. Thankfully, this new deal will allow these characters to answer the big questions that were left from those thrilling end credit scenes. Hopefully, in regard to the other Marvel project that Holland is a part of, they'll have the opportunity to introduce Spider-Man into the New Avengers as well. It appears that Batalon, and the whole Spider-Man cast and crew, are just excited to be able to finish out these stories that MCU fans have grown to love.

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Spider-Man: Far From Home Blu-ray & 4K will be released on Tuesday, 10/1

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