Marvel Reportedly Planning To Write Spider-Man Out Of MCU

Spider-Man Far From Home Leaving MCU

Marvel may be planning to wrap up Spider-Man's story in the Marvel Cinematic Universe as part of the most recent agreement between Disney and Sony. Even though the latter owns the rights to the web-slinger, Marvel Studios and Kevin Feige have been helping craft the character on the big screen for the last four years. Tom Holland was cast as an age-appropriate high school Peter Parker and immediately debuted in Captain America: Civil War. He has since had two solo films and appeared in the last two Avengers movies.

Through it all, Spider-Man became a key piece to the MCU - especially with Tony Stark's arc. After about a month of reports that Spider-Man was no longer part of the MCU, Disney and Sony have agreed to a new deal to keep him in the MCU for a third solo film and another team-up. The details of this deal are under wraps, but Feige indicated that Spider-Man could still cross over into other cinematic universes, like the one Sony is creating on their own. While it appeared that Spidey's future could be with both universes, he may instead be written out of the MCU before too long.

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Expanding upon the details of the latest agreement, THR shared this significant piece of information about Spider-Man's future. They've shared that while some believe the deal could be extended again, others think this could be part of Spidey's actual MCU exit. There is reportedly a sense from some that Feige "seems to be plotting an endgame that will wrap up Peter Parker's story in the MCU." This would give Sony full control of the character once more.

This reported plan of Feige's has yet to be confirmed, but it does make a great deal of sense for everyone involved. One of the biggest complaints on the sudden stoppage of Marvel's involvement with the Spider-Man franchise was that Spider-Man: Far From Home wasn't a natural end to his MCU story. While Marvel may prefer to have Spider-Man back forever, that is not realistic. This new deal and plan would give Spider-Man two more appearances in the MCU before the event movie appearance ends with him no longer part of the universe.

If this is the plan, then what exactly will happen with Spider-Man over these two movies could be quite the journey. Spider-Man: Far From Home already toyed with the idea of the multiverse and there is a pattern of alternate realities in Phase 4. This could be the foundation for what Feige is building towards next. Something like Secret Wars (a storyline built around multiple worlds) would be a big event movie to do in a few years that could end with Spider-Man accidentally being transported to a new reality. Then, Sony will no longer have to work with Marvel Studios and could integrate him into their own cinematic universe, all while allowing Spider-Man to get a proper conclusion to his MCU arc.

Of course, the ink on this new Spider-Man deal has only been dry for a few hours at this point and his exit from the MCU is at least three years away - if not more. The MCU's plans or circumstances of Sony and Spider-Man could change dramatically between now and then. As much as people believe that the MCU is completely planned out, Feige's longterm vision is very fluid. So, he may currently be planning to write Spider-Man out of their universe by the end of this deal, but who knows if that will stick or what the future could hold if it does happen.

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Source: THR

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