Anthony Mackie & Sebastian Stan Support Tom Holland Amid Spider-Man Debacle

Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan (stars of The Falcon and Winter Soldier) have spoken about the Spider-Man controversy to show their support for Tom Holland. Reaction continues to pour in regarding the shocking news that Marvel will no longer produce Spider-Man movies going forward. Fans have been reasonably upset about the development, starting Spider-Man hashtags which have dominated social media and circulating online petitions to bring the Webbed Wonder back to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Actors involved in Marvel movies, on the other hand, have largely struck a more lighthearted and optimistic tone so far.

Since it was his first reported that Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures could not agree to continue their partnership, response has been divided. Much of the focus has been devoted to what this break down means for the future of the MCU and for the character of Peter Parker. If the two sides aren’t able to successfully negotiate, Spider-Man will no longer be able to appear in MCU titles. This will leave several unresolved storylines, undoing all the work done to position Parker as a potential heir to Tony Stark’s legacy. Prominent figures have chimed in, with the likes of Jeremy Renner and Kevin Smith taking Marvel’s side. Others, like Stan Lee’s daughter, find themselves more sympathetic to Sony’s argument. As the industry begins to process the story, many of Marvel’s most notable heroes have spoken out. For the most part, as is the case with Mackie and Stan, they’re choosing to remain optimistic and even a little playful.

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Speaking with Variety, Mackie begins by joking that Stan could simply kill Tom Holland if all else fails, possibly referencing Winter Soldier’s past as an antagonist. Mackie laughs it off, though, and promises that he will always have ‘little Tom’ in his heart. It’s then that Stan swoops in and serenades Holland in a way which is sure to fire up a certain segment of Marvel fans but also serves as proof of why Stan got the role of such a morally complex character in the first place. It’s a little endearing and maybe a bit unsettling, too.

It’s hardly the first time the duo has teased Holland. In an interview with Jimmy Kimmel, Stan jokingly named Holland as his least favorite member of the MCU’s expansive cast. And that’s just one example. The are articles and videos online highlighting the tendency of Mackie and Stan to poke fun at the young British actor. The trio seem to have a good amount of affection for each other, joking aside, and Holland is set to star along Stan for Netflix’s The Devil All The Time.

News on the Spider-Man debacle is constantly breaking, and, at this point, actors don’t appear to be willing to say anything definitive. Those directly affected by the decision have been somewhat more forthcoming, though. Jon Faverau has expressed his hopes that Peter Parker can remain in the MCU somehow. Holland himself has posted a photo to his Instagram which has led to all sorts of speculation. It could just be that as actors and as people within the movie business, they see this news as merely a form of public negotiation between two giant corporations and that a deal could still be reached. It’s a popular theory. Time will tell if it’s right.

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Source: Variety

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