Durex Condoms Has Hilarious Response to Spider-Man Leaving MCU

Durex, a company which specializes in condoms, is the latest to weigh in on Spider-Man leaving the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The news that Kevin Feige would no longer be involved in producing Spider-Man movies, and that Tom Holland’s Peter Parker would no longer appear in any titles for the MCU, has led to a diverse set of reactions from fans and from people within the industry. But what might be the funniest response yet has arrived from a decidedly unexpected source.

Word broke on Monday that Marvel Studios would no longer produce Spider-Man movies going forward. The heart of the dispute, which put an end to a partnership that began with Captain America: Civil War, boiled down to disagreements over financing and profits. At a practical level what this means is, unless the two sides can successfully negotiate a compromise, Peter Parker won’t be featured in any future MCU movies. Considering the character was strongly positioned as important to the franchise’s future, and considering how much audiences loved to see Tom Holland pop up in ensemble films, the story has been trending in recent days. Actors, like Jeremy Renner, have weighed in. The hashtag of #SaveSpiderman has dominated worldwide. And now, even the unlikeliest of corporate brands have expressed sadness at how premature this all seems.

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Durex India joined in on the #SaveSpiderman trend with a graphic of what appears to be a very sad Webbed Wonder. With what hopefully is a tear falling from his eye, the image is topped off with a caption which captures the frustration and disappointment that many feel over this development with surprising accuracy. The tweet, which has more than seven thousand likes so far, is obviously tongue in cheek. It does, however, manage to get at some truth with its humor.

The most recent example of the partnership between Sony and Marvel, Spider-Man: Far From Home, has been an enormous success. Benefiting undoubtedly from its close association with Avengers: Endgame, the sequel recently surpassed Skyfall to become Sony’s highest-grossing movie ever. It is also the only Spider-Man movie to cross $1 billion at the box office. Beyond those milestones, Tom Holland’s version of Peter Parker has been deeply linked to the world of the MCU and Tony Stark most of all. When Holland returns for future installments, it’s going to be strange to some audiences if he’s suddenly detached from Marvel characters that he’s grown incredibly close to.

It remains to be seen how everything shakes out. An agreement could still conceivably be reached. And if not, there are some Spider-Man enthusiasts who are of the opinion that the Friendly Neighborhood superhero shouldn’t be the heir to a billionaire like Stark anyway. There are other benefits as well, related to the Venom sequel. Whichever way a Spidey supporter ultimately feels, it’s hard not to sympathize with the sentiments of a condom company: the end came too soon.

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Source: Durex India

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