Spider-Man: 20 Behind-The-Scenes Photos From Homecoming That Change Everything

Spider-Man: Homecoming is such a fascinating, fun, and clever chapter in the MCU. Let's take a deeper look deeper into the making fo it.

Though the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) may seem like it’s still new in the grand scheme of things, 10 years and 20 films is nothing to take lightly. Watching all of their favorite Marvel heroes fighting side-by-side on the silver screen is a much bigger deal for comic fans than most average film-goers realize. Seeing Spider-Man and Iron Man in one film together, a few years ago, was nothing more than an unlikely fantasy; but fans can thank the ambition of the MCU’s creator, Kevin Feige, for that fantasy becoming a reality.

A brief summary of how this film came to be is as follows: Sony owns Spider-Man and consequentially this film, but they allowed Marvel to produce and have creative licensing on it. Basically, Marvel wrote and created the film while Sony financed, distributed, and reaped the benefit.

The ever-growing popularity of cinematic universes was bound to catch up to Spider-Man (in more ways than one with the release of 2018’s Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse soon coming) and after his popularity in Captain America: Civil War, a solo Spider-Man flick was destined to grace theatres.

The third reboot of the new millennium for the teenage web-slinger was undoubtedly a success. This can be attributed to the characters and of the nerdy protagonist, overbearing father figure, lovable best friend, terrifying villain, and most importantly a young and hungry director.

Care to see how this all came to be? Dive in as we look at 20 Behind-The-Scenes Photos From Spider-Man: Homecoming That Change Everything.

20 All Tom Holland Can See Is Spider-Men

Tom Holland is far from tired of seeing the red and blue costume. The English teen is seen standing in front of what can only be described as an army of Spider-Men. As evidencedby nearly every Comic-Con since the early 2000s, Spider-Man is a pretty regular character to be cosplayed.

Holland has never been one to shy away from a fun interaction with his fans; especially when those fans are dozens of people dressed as Spidey themselves. Holland’s black attire stands out against the wave of color behind him.

Though the previous men to play Spider-Man, Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield, were loved by their fans, the fandom love toward Holland is immeasurable. Many young fans now see Tom as their perfect Spider-Man.

19 Donald Glover Has More Spider-Man Connections Than You Know

Donald Glover and the previous Spider-Man, Andrew Garfield, buddy-up above, way before Glover realized he would be just as connected to the new Spider-Man.

Glover may have had a small role in Spider-Man: Homecoming, but the rapper/actor/writer/director is no stranger to the character.

Glover voiced Miles Morales in the animated series, Ultimate Spider-Man, and thus sent the internet into a frenzy when it was rumored he could take the role in a live-action film.

The casting never came to fruition, to the sorrow of many fans, but started a conversation about minority representation in superhero films.

His role in Homecoming wasn’t without its own brand of deeper reference either; Glover’s character says that he’s worried about the Vulture’s gang, since he has a nephew in Queens. Glover’s character is Aaron Davis and his nephew is none other than Miles Morales.

18 Jon Watts, Kevin Feige, And The Cast At Comic-Con

Sadly, Marvel was absent from this year’s Comic-Con, but hopefully fans got their fill when the Spider-Man: Homecoming panel came to the stage in 2016.

Kevin Feige (producer), Tom Holland (Peter Parker/Spider-Man), Laura Harrier (Liz), Tony Revolori (Flash), Jacob Batalon (Ned), Zendaya (Michelle), and Jon Watts (director) make up the photo, from left to right.

Such a young, fun, and charismatic cast made for equally fun interviews, panels, and basically any scenario when the actors got together. The panel took place a whole year before the film’s release, giving just a taste to the audience in attendance of the fun they would soon be able to witness.

Unlike the previous two tries at Spider-Man, Tom and his co-stars were actually more age appropriate. Tobey Maguire was 27 at Spider-Man’s release and Andrew Garfield was 29 at The Amazing Spider-Man’s release.

17 Tom Holland Hard At Work


The 22-year-old Englishman is not the type of actor to just perform and move on.

Holland likes being a part of the filming as much as he likes being the subject of it.

There’s so much to love about the candid photo of Holland and director, Jon Watts, collaborating together. The fact that Holland is still in his spidey-suit and the fact that the duo is leaning against a replicated Washington Monument makes for a compelling bit of amusement.

Being behind the camera may be more comfortable for the young man in the future, as he’s flirting with the idea of making his own movie: “I love the process of making a movie so much as an actor that I can only imagine I would love the process of being the director."

16 Michael Keaton With The Fathers Of The MCU

No two men were more instrumental to the creation of the MCU than Robert Downey Jr. and Kevin Feige. Feige has produced every film since Iron Man and has no intentions of stepping down in the foreseeable future. As for Downey Jr.’s impending career in the MCU, that’s something we may not know until after Avengers 4 next year.

Back in the early 2000s, superhero films were seen as below many “true thespians.” 18 years later and in this photo alone you have two actors with a combined three Oscar nominations.

Marvel’s ability to attract high class actors isn’t just a testament to its knack of giving out pretty paychecks. Its hiring of top-class directors and writing genius scripts truly lets those actors show off their skills.

15 Everyone Loves Ned

How can you not love Ned? The delightful best friend, loyal partner-in-crime, and most importantly: the guy in the chair.

Jacob Batalon was a relative newcomer, having only one acting credit under his belt before embarking on his MCU adventure. Ned stole the show in every scene he was featured, adding most of the comic relief in a film that was pretty heavy on comedy.

As you can tell by the love his fans are giving him at the film’s South Korean premiere, Batalon is just as loved as his character. Aside from his quick appearance in Avengers: Infinity War, Batalon will reprise his role in 2019’s Spider-Man: Far From Home.

14 A Quick Spider-Selfie

A cooler selfie would be pretty hard to come by.

While hanging out, Tom Holland decided to take a quick snapshot of his fellow colleagues hard at work.

The photo also gives fans a glimpse as to the complexity of such an intricate scene. The dozen or so crew members are not solely there to make sure the filming runs smoothly, but also to make sure Holland’s safety is at all times considered.

Holland is known for doing almost all of his own stunts, so making sure they’re choreographed safely and without risk is one of the most important jobs on set.

The picture does beg a few questions: How did Tom get his phone up there? Did he always have his phone? Does the suit have pockets?

13 Tom Holland Flipping out

Tom was picked to play Spider-Man based on his charisma and talent of course, but his acrobatics background surely had something to do with it.

Holland practiced gymnastics in his younger years, a skill that surely paid off with the physically demanding character he portrays, but that isn’t the only skill he brought to the role.

Holland played Billy Elliot on the stage prior to his film career. The flexibility and gracefulness that comes from dance and gymnastics is something that few actors can bring to a role, but a skill nonetheless that is immensely helpful.

Holland showed off his moves on an episode of Lip Sync Battle where he performed “Umbrella” opposite his co-star Zendaya.

12 The Ferry scene revealed

Some directors like to sit behind their monitors and yell at their crew and actors with a bullhorn never getting up from their collapsible chair; Jon Watts is not one of those directors.

Watts was pretty surprised when he got the job, “I’m not really sure how I got this job, to be perfectly honest.”

Having made two features (though both with vastly lower budgets than Spider-Man: Homecoming) before venturing into the comic book world, Watts knows a thing or two about filmmaking. It seems as though being on the front lines with his cast and crew is a fundamental part to success.

The ferry scene was undoubtedly a doozy of one to film, and all hands were needed on deck.

Watts directs his protagonist while Tom works his spidey-suit and patented web-shooting hand gesture.

11 Tom’s Motion Capture Suit

Though CGI and motion capture was used a lot less in Spider-Man: Homecoming than in some of the other MCU films, there was still a need for it.

Motion capture is the process of recording an actor’s movements (and at times facial expressions) to be able to animate over them in post-production. Apractice made popular by 2009’s Avatar, it is now common practice among blockbusters.

When a stunt is too dangerous for Holland , a stunt double is used. When a stunt is too dangerous (or downright impossible) for the double, motion capture is used.

Holding onto a flying invisible jet or being crushed by a toppled building, may understandably be a bit hard to pull off practically. Thus the computer graphics team is brought in to help.

10 Peter And Ned "Hanging" Out

Sure, having Peter crawling on the ceiling could be done with the help of wires and adhesives, but where’s the fun in that?

Jon Watts and the crew designed an exact replica of Peter’s room, except for one glaring detail, it’s completely upside-down.

The scene is shot with Tom crawling on the ground (or ceiling, rather) and then the image is flipped when put into the film.

As cool as the technique may be, seeing Batalon and Holland just hanging in such a unique room is what really makes the photo so fun. For continuity sake, Batalon better be sure his shoes are clean!

There’s nothing worse than when you leave sneaker marks on the ceiling.

9 Spider-Man and The Punisher buddy up

While Tom Holland and Jon Bernthal were filming the 2017 flick Pilgrimage, they both sent in audition tapes to Marvel in hopes to be cast as iconic heroes.

Bernthal and Holland filmed each other’s tapes and fed lines from off-screen.

These tapes resulted in Holland nabbing the part of Peter Parker/Spider-Man in Captain America: Civil War and Bernthal stealing the role of Frank Castle/The Punisher in the Netflix series Daredevil.

Bernthal had this to say about Holland, ““We were all part of him nailing and tracking down the Spider-Man role. We got to see his determination. I’ve never seen anything like that — how hard he fought for it — and that’s how he approaches his work every day.”

8 Tom, Jacob, And Zendaya Give A Fan A Once In A Lifetime Experience

The picture above could warm the heart of the coldest of them. Tom Holland (dressed in his iconic costume), Jacob Batalon, and Zendaya make the day of a young child who is currently residing in a hospital.

Holland is no stranger to visiting hospitals, having conversations, and taking photos with ecstatic fans, but to also have Ned and Michelle make an appearance is nothing more than an incredible experience.

To give back to their fans is something that most actors agree is of the utmost importance, and nearly every MCU hero has at one time or another suited up and made the rounds.

The smiles on the kid’s faces when the actors enter the room is nothing short of tear-jerking and an impeccable example of how to give back to the community.

7 Jon Watts, Tom Holland, And Michael Keaton Getting Down To Business

Tom Holland, Michael Keaton and Jon Watts on the set of Spider-Man Homecoming

Before the release of Spider-Man: Homecoming, the only villain in the MCU to have made any impression with fans was Loki, but that changed when Keaton’s vulture was introduced.

Watt’s explained how the Oscar nominee’s character was visualized, “If Spider-Man is your ground level superhero, I wanted to come up with a ground-level villain.” Adrian Toomes was a blue collar father who only wanted the best for his family.

Keaton’s acting certainly attributed to the authenticity for his antagonist.

If fans had any say, he’d get another Oscar nomination based solely on his scene threatening of Peter in the car.

6 Robert Downey Jr. Was More Than Just A Co-Star

Sure, Tony Stark is a mentor to Peter in the MCU, making the end of Avengers: Infinity War that much more heartbreakin, but it’s no secret that RDJ took a fatherly relationship with the young Brit on set as well.

While rehearsing lines with the director, Downey Jr. and Holland work through their scene.

There are literally dozens of photos showing the two buddying up on and off set, evidence to just how close the two became during filming of their three shared movies.

Downey Jr. has been part of the Hollywood machine for decades and has seen all the good and also all the bad. Few people have been able to bounce back quite like Robert Downey Jr. has, and his experience will surely be a learning opportunity for the young Holland.

5 Feeling A Little John Hughes

The high school dramedies of Pretty in Pink, The Breakfast Club, and Ferris Bueller’s Day Off obviously had an influence of Spider-Man: Homecoming and its cast.

While Peter’s chasing down Vulture’s gang, he runs through varies backyards, almost identical to the running scene in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. If that’s not enough, when Peter splashes into that pool, the family is watching that exact movie on their television.

If you think the John Hughes vibe is an accident, here's proof it's definitely not.

Jon Watts has said that he was trying to mimic the late director; and that’s especially apparent with the The Breakfast Club pose of the cast above.

4 Tom Holland Getting In Spider-Man Shape

There’s no shortage of photos of actors training for their superhero roles, and Tom Holland didn’t miss a chance to snap his.

Gymnastics, dancing, and parkour were all part of his regimen, but nothing can substitute for good, old fashioned weight-lifting-- or, in the case of the photo above, over-the-head sledgehammer thrusts.

Almost all the actors/actresses of  MCU heroes have it written in their contract that they have to maintain a certain physique,  but since Holland did nearly all his own stunts, physicality was a matter of ability and safety. Luckily, his strength and agility were on full display throughout the flick.

3 Fake National Monument

One of Spidey's major stunts was climbing up a replica (not to scale) of the Washington Monument in D.C.

Cables were used to hoist the actor upwards to give him the effect of being able to climb, but holding on was all Holland.

As is obvious by the green-screen behind the prop, the stunts weren’t able to be shot on location, though the interior and exterior shots of the monument were filmed in Washington.

The possibility of your main actor injured isn’t always a risk a studio is willing to take. Holland did all of the stunts that the director, the studio, and the insurance company allowed, though many used doubles or CGI, to the actor’s disappointment.

2 Tom Holland And Jacob Batalon Joking Around

While making the rounds on the press tour, Tom Holland and Jacob Batalon enjoyed each other’s company immensely. Rarely do you see a photo with the two of them in it where they’re not laughing and having a grand old time.

They actually adopted the handshake from the film, doing it constantly during interviews and press conferences.

In case you’re don’t fully believe in this friendship, while on Jimmy Kimmel Show Batalon called up Holland through FaceTime and Holland answered from Atlanta while filming Avengers: Infinity War without hesitation.

It’s hard enough nowadays to get anyone to answer the phone, let alone a massive movie star on the set of the biggest film of all time.

1 Michael Keaton Gives Zendaya A Helping Hand

How could a gentleman like this play someone as evil as Adrian Toomes so well? At the Los Angeles premiere, Keaton was a class-act and helped the stunning Zendaya with her train.

Keaton is pretty familiar with superhero flicks, having been Batman/Bruce Wayne in Tim Burton’s original take on the capped-crusader in Batman and Batman Returns. It’s only fitting that some 25 years later he plays a villain opposite another iconic hero.

Zendaya’s reaction to the act of kindness is priceless.

It’s not every day a renowned actor helps you with your gorgeous dress.

Kudos to Keaton; the Oscar nominated actor realized that he could step out of the limelight and let the real stars of the movie, the five teens, really have their moment.


What’s your favorite behind-the-scenes photo from Spider-Man: Homecoming? Let us know in the comments!

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