Disney CEO Bob Iger Thanks Sony for Ending Spider-Man Feud

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Bob Iger is thankful to Sony for ending the Spider-Man debacle. Several weeks ago, news broke out that Sony is pulling the web-slinging hero from the MCU after they failed to reach a new deal with Disney and Marvel Studios. This was fresh off the news that Spider-Man: Far From Home has become the highest grossing Sony movie of all time, so naturally, it came as a shock to everyone. As days went by, many moved on and came to terms with the idea of Peter Parker no longer interacting with the Avengers, but last night, things changed after it was announced that an agreement has been made.

Of course, fans were happy about this unexpected development. For a while, it didn't seem like there was any hope that Sony and Disney would agree on terms for a new deal. But as it turns out, negotiations continued quietly behind-the-scenes leading to this positive news. And like the majority of those invested in Tom Holland's Peter Parker being in the MCU, the House of Mouse CEO Iger was also thrilled with this renewed partnership.

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Taking to his official Twitter account, Iger expressed his gratitude to Sony for ending the Spider-Man feud, as well as confirming that Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige is co-producing the third Spider-Man film. Reaction in the post's comment section is split - some fans are happy with this news like the Disney CEO, others meanwhile, not so much. Check out Iger's tweet below:

It's been an eventful week for Iger as a couple of Disney-related news story dropped the same week his memoir, The Ride of A Lifetime was released. The book itself made the headlines as the CEO candidly revealed details of George Lucas' initial reaction to Disney and Lucasfilm's plans for Star Wars. It seems like all is well since things have cooled down, but it was still a favorite topic of conversation for fans early this week. The fast turn out of news, however, makes it feel like that bit of information has been out for a while now instead of just a few days.

The new deal, however, doesn't guarantee Spider-Man in the MCU for long. On top of co-producing his next solo outing, Spider-Man is only contracted to appear in just one more film in the established franchise. Things are unclear after this new deal is done as the complete terms of the deal isn't divulged to the public. But the web-slinging hero is also expected to appear in Sony's budding Spider-Man universe. In the meantime, fans can celebrate this news  just like Iger.

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