Spider-Man Twitter Calls Out Fan For Pirated Far From Home Screenshots

Tom Holland as Peter Parker in Spider-Man Far From Home

The official Spider-Man: Far From Home Twitter account criticizes a fan for reposting pirated screengrabs from the movie. It's been almost two weeks since the latest Marvel Studios blockbuster hit theatres, and even Disney and Sony cannot stop portions of the film, alongside some stills from it, roaming online. While the parent company can't do anything to fully stop this, the social media team for the project is taking matters to their own hands, policing those who sharing these bootleg images online.

Closing out the Marvel Cinematic Universe's The Infinity Saga, Marvel and Sony couldn't properly market Far From Home before Avengers: Endgame came out since much of its story hinges on what goes down in the ensemble flick. Yet, they were still able to get away with one trailer without any clues about the narrative fo the Joe and Anthony Russo-directed flick. Everything worked out great in the end with Far From Home projected to earn $1 billion at the global box office after nabbing $649.9 million worldwide in its first few days of release. However, pirated copies of the movie are floating around the internet, and while it'll be difficult to crack down all of them, the film's official social media account is resorting in another way to dissuade people from spreading these illegal copies.

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Far From Home's Twitter account quoted a fan's tweet featuring several images of Peter Parker from the project. The fan that goes with the username BECKY IS GOING FFH was highlighting how good the young hero looks in Far From Home when the movie's account asked her "becky where did you get these screenshots." Beck didn't reply but the official account even doubled-down on the issue, replying a GIF of Whoopi Goldberg from Ghost saying "you in danger, girl." Check out the interactions below:

It's an interesting move from Far From Home's social media team to go after a fan-account for spreading these pirated images. The photos included in her tweet didn't include any massive spoilers, they were all photo of Holland in the movie. There are accounts that straight up post clips from the movie, in fact, Endgame experienced something similar to this, only worse with bootleg full clips circulating the internet shortly after it released. Yet, they didn't do anything to call out these fan accounts out in the open. And with the original tweet still up there, it doesn't seem like they did anything to potentially have these images taken down behind the curtains either. This makes one wonder why the film's official account did this in the first place.

This is not to say that studios shouldn't crack down film piracy of any kind. It's a difficult job, especially when something's already out in the internet. But threatening - regardless whether they're serious or not - an individual account online is not the way to do this. As for fans, it's common courtesy not to spread any kind of pirated materials from a film, especially one that they supposedly liked like Spider-Man: Far From Home.

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