Spider-Man: Far From Home Director Says Sam Wilson Appearance Was Just A Rumor

Anthony Mackie as Sam Wilson Falcon

The rumored appearance of Sam Wilson in Spider-Man: Far From Home was never on the table, according to the film's director. Following on from Avengers: Endgame, there is no shortage of Marvel Cinematic Universe connections in Spider-Man: Far From Home, with notable roles for Nick Fury and Maria Hill, callbacks to the very first Iron Man movie and Peter Parker still struggling to come to terms with the death of Tony Stark. However, rumors recently emerged claiming that Marvel Studios had considered giving Anthony Mackie's Sam Wilson a brief Spider-Man: Far From Home appearance.

Best known as Falcon for much of his time in the MCU, Wilson has become a trusted member of the Avengers and, despite fighting during their first meeting, is now an ally of Peter Parker's. However, Wilson had arguably his biggest moment in the franchise yet towards the end of Avengers: Endgame when Steve Rogers handed Falcon his famous Captain America shield, effectively bestowing him with the iconic title. While this scene was inspired by the Marvel comics, it's currently unclear when fans will get to see Wilson's version of Captain America on the big screen. Marvel Studios' Eric Carroll recently claimed that Wilson's debut was briefly mooted for the end of Spider-Man: Far From Home, but the appearance was scrapped, as it was important for the story that no other Avengers were available to help Spidey.

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Jon Watts has now given his own take on the rumor. Speaking during the press rounds for Spider-Man: Far From Home, Screen Rant asked Watts about the Sam Wilson rumors, and the director claimed the idea was never on the table. Watts states:

"Yeah [that was] just a rumor. I don't think that was ever on the table. It was never on the whiteboard."

This seemingly contradicts the words of Eric Carroll, but perhaps instead reveals that the idea of having Sam Wilson debut as Captain America in Spider-Man: Far From Home was only ever something discussed, and subsequently dismissed, by producers. Carroll's initial comments did specify that the idea had only been floated "briefly" and, therefore, it's possible that the suggestion was never actually put to Watts, and was already taken off the table before the director had started work on the movie.

In hindsight, this was perhaps a wise move. Certainly, Spider-Man: Far From Home works better with Parker as the only available Avenger and while Wilson's new Captain America could have potentially turned up when the crisis was already over, this may not have been the best use of such a monumental moment. The arrival of a new Cap arguably deserves a grander stage than a last-minute cameo in another superhero's movie.

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