Spider-Man: Far From Home’s Rerelease Was A Success (Even Compared To Endgame)

Spider-Man: Far From Home's rerelease was a commercial success, even when compared to Avengers: Endgame. This summer, two MCU installments followed the same release pattern. After a wildly fruitful initial run in theaters, both Endgame and Far From Home received theatrical rereleases that included additional content. In Endgame's cast, there were multiple post-credits bonuses like a deleted scene and a Far From Home clipFar From Home added several minutes of additional footage, such as the "Peter's To-Do List" short film that will be available on the Blu-ray.

Endgame's rerelease at the end of June helped springboard it past Avatar and become the highest-grossing film of all-time. While the "Bring Back" event likely had more to do with Dark Phoenix bombing than anything else, that was still a nice perk and gave Marvel another bragging right to add to Endgame's impressive list of accomplishments. Far From Home was not in the running for any milestones when its rerelease came around (it was already Sony's top earner at this time), but its performance was still very strong.

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August 23-25, its final weekend before the rerelease, Far From Home made $1.6 million domestically and finished in 15th on the charts. When the rerelease opened and Far From Home was back in more than 3,000 theaters, it earned $4.3 million in the traditional three-day frame; $5.6 million across the extended Labor Day weekend. Either way you look at it, that's a substantial increase in earnings: 156% (up from the 153% originally estimated) for the three-day weekend and 236% for the holiday window. Far From Home now stands at $386.5 million domestically and will continue to pad its totals before it hits home media.

Spider-Man and Avengers Endgame Hulk with Money

Similar to Far From HomeEndgame grossed $1.9 million domestically its last weekend before the rerelease. The "Bring Back" edition then made $6.1 million in its first weekend, an increase of 207%. Yes, that figure is substantially higher than Far From Home's three-day weekend (it's apples-to-oranges to compare three days to four), but that's to be expected. Endgame is arguably the defining cinematic event of this generation and a blockbuster that had an unprecedented commercial performance. In contrast, Far From Home is simply the next solo Spider-Man movie, though it did get a boost by being so ingrained in Endgame's events. That the two rereleases both proved to be successful speaks to the popularity of these films and the drawing power they have. Both had been in theaters for a long time when the rereleases happened, and there was still a demand (mainly from die-hard fans) to watch them again on the big screen.

It'll be interesting if this starts a new trend for Marvel as they enter Phase 4. It's important to note that Disney was behind only the Endgame one (Sony distributed Far From Home), and that was at least partially motivated by a desire to top AvatarEndgame was a special film, one Marvel will likely never top, so it made sense to go all out with special events designed to generate repeat business. It would probably get a little ridiculous if this became a common occurrence for all of their movies, especially since viewers weren't particularly thrilled with what the Endgame rerelease had to offer. That said, studios are in the business of making money, and since Far From Home got a significant boost at the box office, it shows rereleases might be beneficial.

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