Spider-Man: Far From Home's Mysterio Almost Had A Hulkbuster Suit

Mysterio from an alternate dimension in Spider-Man Far From Home

Mysterio in Spider-Man: Far From Home almost had something of a Hulkbuster look. Marvel faced something of a difficult choice when it came to designing Mysterio: would his costume work on the big screen? Even in the comics, Mysterio is generally mocked for his trademark "fishbowl" helmet.

There's a sense in which Mysterio's MCU origin made the task even harder. This was a character who was trying to set himself up as the next Avenger, eager to gain the fame and adulation he believed the undeserving superheroes received. As a result, Quentin Beck deliberately designed his costume to have traces of classic and famous heroes, including the likes of Iron Man, Thor, and even a hint of Vision. And yet, for all Mysterio was riffing off of the wider MCU, Marvel needed him to look fresh and original, rather than derivative.

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The Art of Spider-Man: Far From Home reveals that Mysterio went through a lot of different versions - and one of the most interestingly is evocative of Iron Man's Hulkbuster armor. Concept artist Ryan Meinerding explained that this look was a different interpretation of the character altogether. "There were versions of Mysterio that I did that were based on him maybe being a tough, grizzled space marine who had escaped his dimension," he observed, "And he was the only person that did." As a result, Meinerding went through several designs in which Mysterio wore a tough, bulky sci-fi uniform that's definitely reminiscent of the Hulkbuster. The helmet was retained, but tweaked to fit with the science fiction style.

It's important to understand how the design process works on a blockbuster film like Spider-Man: Far From Home. Concept artists and scriptwriters typically have a strong working relationship - the writer will come up with an idea, the artist will render it, and the writer will rework their script based on the concept art they like. In the case of Spider-Man: Far From Home, it seems Marvel decided early on that they wanted to use Mysterio, and even that he'd be pretending to come from another dimension, but they hadn't initially decided how Mysterio's powers would work, how his illusions would be generated, or what sort of portrayal they'd want. As a result, Meinerding went through a lot of different designs, helping the writers figure out what they felt worked.

This, however, is one of the most unique and distinctive. It combines a sci-fi space marine with a Marvel Hulkbuster vibe, making Mysterio feel like a physical powerhouse clad in advanced armor. In the end, of course, Marvel decided to step away from this kind of sci-fi feel, with the trickster's final look evocative of science and sorcery combined.

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