Forgotten Spider-Man Comic May Reveal What Happens After Far From Home’s Twist

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Warning: This article contains spoilers from Spider-Man: Far From Home.

A forgotten Spider-Man comic from 2005 may reveal how Marvel could handle Spider-Man: Far From Home's biggest twist. The Spider-Man: Far From Home post-credits scene changed the MCU's Spider-Man franchise forever, with Mysterio's agents revealing Spider-Man's secret identity to the entire world. It was a neat inversion of Iron Man, and it means Peter Parker will face some unique challenges in Spider-Man 3.

There is comic book precedent for this. In 2005's "Civil War" event, Peter Parker revealed his secret identity to the world in a high-profile press conference. The consequences were a little too dramatic for Marvel Comics' liking, though, and within just a year they'd backed out of it by having Peter make a deal with the Devil to rewrite history. It's safe to assume Marvel Studios has planned this out, and that they wouldn't have committed to this if they didn't have something of a better plan. But the "Civil War" era could still offer clues as to the best way to handle this.

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The key may lie in three tie-in issues by Peter David, Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #11 through to 13. David excels at small-scale, intensely personal stories, and in his "Civil War" tie-ins he explored how that press conference affected Peter Parker's world. At the time, Peter had actually gone back to school, albeit as a teacher rather than as a student. But the MCU's Spider-Man will face very similar issues now his secret identity has been blown.

The problems began when Peter found the press hounding him wherever he went. He was crowded by reporters whenever he stepped out of Avengers Tower, and they camped outside the entrance to his school, making it a nightmare for staff and students just to get in. Meanwhile, worried parents began putting pressure on the school to get rid of Peter Parker before super-villains attacked. The principal refused; as he told Peter, he'd always been something of a fan of Spider-Man, and frankly he was disinclined to penalize a teacher who cared enough about the world to risk his life helping people. A heartbroken Peter knew he had to make the choice, though, and he quit. Unfortunately, his last day turned into chaos when super-villains attacked - appropriately enough, three different versions of Mysterio.

Although the story doesn't translate perfectly, Peter David's Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man run certainly explains the kind of issues Spider-Man will be dealing with in the MCU. There's a sense in which he'll have it even worse, because this time Peter Parker didn't choose to reveal his secret identity to the world. He'll have to instantly decide how to play this; does he admit to the truth, or does he attempt to deny it? If he chooses the latter, the moment he uses his powers to evade the press, his secret will be blown. Meanwhile, the school will face identical issues, with the principal forced to decide whether or not it's safe to keep Peter in class. Every one of Peter's school friends will have to choose whether to believe it too; in the comics, Flash Thompson initially assumed Peter was pretending to be Spider-Man so as to get the hero out of a jam, and it would be amusing to see a similar arc played out in Spider-Man 3.

Making matters worse, just as in Peter David's run, the MCU's Spider-Man has enemies who wouldn't hesitate to attack him at school. The post-credits scene of Spider-Man: Homecoming established that the Scorpion is holding a grudge; it's possible he's already out of jail, given he may not have been snapped and could therefore have served his time. Indeed, it's possible Mysterio's followers aren't done getting their revenge on Spider-Man, meaning they could attack Midtown High as well. If Peter David's Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man arc is anything to go by, Spider-Man 3 could be the most challenging time of Peter Parker's life.

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