Spider-Man: Far From Home Honest Trailer Calls Out Painfully Obvious Twist

Marvel Studios' third blockbuster of 2019, Spider-Man: Far From Home, gets the Honest Trailer treatment, including the obvious Mysterio twist. No matter what Marvel and Sony put together for Far From Home, it was always going to have an uphill battle ahead of it, due to the sheer fact that its predecessor Avengers: Endgame is now the biggest hit of all time. Endgame received an entire year of build-up, while Spider-Man's solo sequel had to be careful with its marketing, in order to not spoil Endgame's big happenings.

Spider-Man: Far From Home had a hard task in doing that too, seeing as how Tony Stark's death in the climatic scene of Avengers: Endgame - and how his protege Peter Parker reacts to that death - forms the emotional core of the sequel's story. At the end of the day, the majority of fans and critics emerged satisfied with what Far From Home offered, although it's unclear if the Tom Holland-fronted film is destined to be regarded as a top-level MCU entry.

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With Spider-Man: Far From Home now available on home video, the folks at Screen Junkies have taken the opportunity to give Jon Watts' film their patented Honest Trailer treatment. While Far From Home is by no means raked over the coals in its Honest Trailer, nor should it be, the Spidey sequel does take some deserved knocks, especially for its central twist revolving around the villain Mysterio, a plot turn so obvious it's a wonder Marvel even bothered trying to conceal it. Check the Honest Trailer out below.

Mysterio is of course one of Spider-Man's most famous comic villains, and while he hadn't appeared on the big screen before, his reputation as an untrustworthy character definitely preceded him. Dramatically, it's clear what Marvel Studios was trying to accomplish by having Peter seek out a new mentor only to be betrayed, but since it's Mysterio, the eventual reveal doesn't hold that much weight. As the above trailer points out, Mysterio is often part of a group called the Sinister Six. That name hardly inspires confidence.

The Honest Trailer also spends some time on a criticism espoused by many Spider-Man fans, even those who enjoyed the film, that being how even in death so much of the focus is on Iron Man/Tony Stark. That fact is even turned into a gag with the EDITH acronym, which stands for "even dead, I'm the hero." Spider-Man's name is in front of the title, but most of Far From Home very much feels like an MCU movie first and a Spider-Man movie second. It's up to the individual fan to decide if that's a winning formula.

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Source: Screen Junkies

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