Spider-Man: Far From Home Passes $1 Billion At Box Office

Spider-man Far From Home Budget Cost

Spider-Man: Far From Home officially passes the $1 billion mark at the worldwide box office. Though April's Avengers: Endgame was the culmination of the MCU's Infinity Saga, Peter Parker was tasked with the great responsibility of closing out Phase 3. Picking up shortly after the events of EndgameFar From Home worked as an epilogue to the MCU's first era, dealing with the fallout of Tony Stark's sacrificial death and setting the stage for an exciting future for Spider-Man.

Even before Far From Home entered theaters, Marvel was in the midst of a banner year at the box office. In March, Captain Marvel exceeded expectations and grossed $1 billion globally. And Endgame capped off its historic, unprecedented run by finally overtaking Avatar as the highest-grossing movie of all-time. When Far From Home arrived in early July, it also set some records and helped rejuvenate the marketplace after a down June. Now, it becomes the latest member of the $1 billion club.

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According to DeadlineFar From Home has now made $1 billion worldwide, becoming the ninth MCU installment (and 40th movie overall in history) to earn that much. Obviously, this development means all three MCU entries in 2019 hit $1 billion, which is an incredible accomplishment that shows even after 11 years and 23 movies, the franchise is showing no signs of slowing down.

With this, five of the last six MCU films have grossed $1 billion. Last year, Black Panther and Avengers: Infinity War pulled off the feat. Ant-Man and the Wasp, a sizable hit in its own right, was the lone outlier of that group. Marvel has been hitting $1 billion with regularity recently, and with good reason. The twin Avengers sequels were always going to be massive hits given what they represented, but Marvel's also been making strides increasing diversity in their standalone films. Both Black Panther and Captain Marvel were seen as watershed moments for the genre and tapped into a demand to see greater representation in the superhero genre. Far From Home lacked that added element of cultural significance, but Spider-Man is one of Marvel's most popular characters and Far From Home got a boost from directly following Endgame. After that franchise-altering film, lots of people were curious to see how the MCU continued.

There was no word about a Spider-Man 3 during last week's San Diego Comic-Con, but it's all but a guarantee that film will be coming through the pipeline soon. Tom Holland's take on Peter is a fan-favorite, and the character is as bankable as ever since he transitioned into the MCU. Your Friendly Neighborhood is going to be one of the pillars of the MCU moving forward, having as prominent a place as Black Panther, Captain Marvel, or Doctor Strange. Far From Home hitting $1 billion will likely encourage Sony and Marvel to keep working together as they reap the benefits of their unlikely partnership.

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Source: Deadline

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