Spider-Man: Far From Home Secretly Introduced Another Marvel Villain

Spider-Man: Far From Home secretly introduced another classic Marvel villain - the Beetle, who could be a key player in the Sinister Six.

Spider-Man Far From Home Beetle

Spider-Man: Far From Home secretly introduced another classic Marvel villain - one of the Beetles. Although the main villain of Spider-Man: Far From Home was Mysterio, director Jon Watts also adapted a number of B-list villains lifted straight from the comics.

Understandably, attention was focused on the Elementals - the special effects monsters created by Mysterio, loosely inspired by characters like Hydro-Man and Molten Man - but there were some other references. Attentive viewers are beginning to run through the full cast list, for example, and a couple of names stand out from Mysterio's organization as well.

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The most interesting is Janice Lincoln. Played by Claire Rushbrook, she was one of Mysterio's key agents, and she pretended to be a bartender in the scene where Mysterio was tricking Spider-Man into handing over EDITH. When he later toasted to his team, Mysterio credited Janice as being the one who discovered EDITH was being given to Peter Parker in the first place. The comment heavily implied that she was the one who cracked Spider-Man's secret identity, presumably from hacking into Stark Industry files. And in the comics, Janice Lincoln is better known by another name - the Beetle. Although she's a lesser-known villain, she's recently become more important as the founder of the Sinister Syndicate, the latest all-female incarnation of the Sinister Six.

Spider-Man Far From Home Janice Lincoln

In the comics, Janice Lincoln is the daughter of a mobster named Tombstone who sought the thrill of her father's lifestyle. She was given the Beetle armor by Baron Zemo in order to take on Black Widow and Bucky Barnes, launching a trap that began when she gave Natasha Romanoff a drugged drink while posing as a bartender. The Beetle was recruited into Boomerang's Sinister Six, but was betrayed; that served to be the beginning of a vendetta in which Beetle formed the Sinister Syndicate in order to get revenge on him. Ironically, Boomerang had become roommates with Peter Parker and one of Peter's friends, Randy Robertson. While attempting to get close to Boomerang to take him out, Janice fell for Randy in a big way, and she ultimately gave up her plans for vengeance out of respect for him.

Spider-Man: Far From Home's Janice Lincoln is a very different woman, a scientist who formerly worked for Stark Industries and seems to excel at computer hacking. That redesign makes sense; in the comics, Janice is just the latest villain to take up the "Beetle" identity, and previous versions have indeed incorporated Stark tech into their suits. It will be interesting to see if Janice returns in Spider-Man: Homecoming 3; the Mysterio gang are responsible for revealing Spider-Man's secret identity to the world, so there could well be a vendetta plot going on. Meanwhile, there's been constant speculation that Marvel could be setting up their version of the Sinister Six, and she could potentially be another member.

Janice Lincoln isn't the only familiar name among the credits, incidentally. Another of Mysterio's gang is Victoria Snow, an even deeper cut. In the comics, Victoria was a former Stark Industries employee who dated Whiplash. It's tempting to speculate that, in the MCU, perhaps she was operating behind the scenes in Iron Man 2, and was sacked shortly after Whiplash was beaten, explaining her bitterness towards Stark. If the Mysterio gang do indeed feature in Spider-Man: Homecoming 3, then no doubt other familiar names will be slipped in as well.

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