20Saved - Tom Holland as Spider-Man

Overall, he's really the whole package.

In an industry that often likes to cast actors in their late 20s to play high schoolers, Tom Holland is like a breath of fresh air. It finally feels like we get the high school Spider-Man we deserve - goofy, athletic, and actually young. Not only does Holland look and act

the part of a high schooler, but he does a ton of his own Spidey stunts in Spider-Man: Homecoming.

Holland is a trained dancer and gymnast. He is able to flip on command and perform tricks that his Spider-Man predecessors weren't able to pull off without a stunt double.

If you need more convincing that Holland is the perfect choice for Spider-Man, it turns out he has also been a huge fan of the superhero since he was a kid - Spider-Man bed sheets and all.

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