Spider-Man Has Been Carnage-ized To Murder [SPOILER]

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Warning: SPOILER for Absolute Carnage: Miles Morales #2

The Absolute Carnage event is leaving a trail of death and destruction through Marvel's world, but this isn't the mindless, cannibalistic Cletus Kasady of the past. This time, Carnage and his minions are killing with purpose: collect the alien codices left behind in every person to ever wear a symbiote suit, thus awakening the symbiote god, Knull. And he's already claimed one version of Spider-Man, Miles Morales.

Carnage has set his sights (and his Spider-Man) on J. Jonah Jameson, the long time rival but more recent friend of Spidey, tasking his symbiote-controlled Miles with killing him. Can Miles resist the influence, or is this Spider-Man icon going to be a high profile casualty?

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Readers are given a glimpse inside Miles's mind, as his symbiote hive mind describes him as 'the dead spirit of the flesh' Carnage now controls. When Carnage tells "Symbiote Miles" to go kill, the symbiote is taken aback by the strength of Miles Morales' spirit. But it's ultimately still able to keep Miles in the passenger seat, and move to carry out an attack on J.J. Jameson. And Carnage doesn't do anything subtle.

Carnage Chasing J Jonah Jameson

Symbiote Miles arrives at Vulpe Communications, where J.J. is attempting to sell his personal memoir to the publishing company. After a quick chase, a battle engulfs the building--until Silver Sable arrives, as the hired protection for the publishing giant. Silver Sable and her team put up a heck of a fight, but Symbiote Miles is too much for her squad to handle. Only as the Carnage-ized minion stands over Sable, prepared to kill her does Miles's spirit manage to take control of the symbiote. Miles escapes to the roof of the building, but Silver Sable and J.J. pursue what they believe to be the still-evil symbiote. As Sable shoots at Miles, his concentration breaks and the symbiote is able to regain control... and continue its mission. The six armed Symbiote Miles makes quick work of Silver Sable before turning its eyes to J.J., sinking his fangs into his famous prey.

The reader is left on a cliffhanger regarding the final fate of Jameson, but it doesn't look good. It seems Carnage has no plans to turn J.J. into one of his minions, but to simply execute him to 'officially' cause chaos among the heroes. But it might also be possible that Carnage is dealing out some punishment towards J.J.'s son, John. The Carnage-ized minion Man-Wolf recently failed his master by letting Misty Knight escape in Absolute Carnage: Lethal Protectors #1, and Carnage has been forthcoming about his hatred for John Jameson in the past.

Carnage Spiderman Bites J Jonah Jameson

The issue isn't all doom and gloom for Spidey fans, as it shows that there is still hope for those who have been turned into the minions of Carnage, if their will is strong enough. Will Miles be able to strengthen his will and overpower his symbiote before killing J. Johan Jameson? We will have to wait and find out.

CONSUMED BY CARNAGE! Miles sacrificed himself protecting others, and was taken by Carnage's dark doppelgangers! Now Kletus is sending Miles after one of Peter Parker's friends, and if Miles can't stop himself, he better hope someone shows up who can beat a dark symbiote-powered Spider-Man!

Absolute Carnage: Miles Morales #2 is available now from your local comic book shop, or direct from Marvel Comics.

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