Andrew Garfield as Spider-Man First Image!

Andrew Garfield Spideman

Had your fill of gazing over photos of Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone getting snuggly atop the bleachers on the set of Marc Webb's Spider-Man reboot? Well, now you can take a gander at the new Peter Parker himself (Garfield) sporting Spidey's classic (but remixed) red and blue spandex outfit.

The first official image of Garfield in costume as Spider-Man has been unveiled and, if it's an indicator of the reboot's tone, then this may very well be the grittier comic book flick we were promised.

Tobey Maguire previously played Mr. Parker in director Sam Raimi's Spider-Man trilogy and his portrayal sat well enough with fans and casual moviegoers alike. Garfield has a lankier, more streamlined build than the stocky Maguire, who bulked up and amassed a good deal of muscle to play the hero - even though a good chunk of the fight sequences in Raimi's Spider-Man pics involved a CGI version of the character and not Maguire in costume.

Principal photography began last month on the new big screen venture of Stan Lee's super-powered everyman, which recently added C. Thomas Howell to its rather impressive cast. Garfield has spoken out a handful of times in the past about how he's been mentally and physically preparing himself to convincingly play Spider-Man - and now fans can at last check him out in the actual costume.

Have a look at Garfield as Spider-Man (via Columbia Pictures) below:

Andrew Garfield Spider-Man movie reboot

While this image features Garfield's web-slinger in the aftermath of some rough combat, his costume looks more stylishly dark and textural than Maguire's outfit generally did. The redesigned spider logo on the chest is rather slick as well and the suit works nicely with the Social Network star's skinnier frame. Overall, this image offers a good reason for fans to get excited about the direction that Webb seems to be taking with his reboot.

Check out a closer look at Spider-Man's new logo and one of his mechanical webshooters (which did not appear in Raimi's trilogy) below:

Spider-Man costume web shooters

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The Spider-Man reboot swings into 2D and 3D theaters around the U.S. on July 3rd, 2012.

Source: Columbia Pictures

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