Spider-Man 3 Fan Poster Brings Back Doc Ock

Spider-Man 3

New Spider-Man 3 fan-art imagines what it's like with Doctor Octopus as a key player. The third installment of the ongoing solo adventure for the web-slinging hero is finally pushing forward in the Marvel Cinematic Universe following the brief separation between Disney/Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures Entertainment. That means that whatever was set up in Spider-Man: Far From Home stingers will play in Peter Parker's (Tom Holland) next standalone film. However, one illustration is posing a different idea for the threequel. Instead of directly picking up after the events of its predecessor, the threequel goes a different tangent.

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By the end of Far From Home, Peter's finally starting to get his groove back: coming to terms with the death of his mentor, Tony Stark/Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.) in Avengers: Endgame, embracing his new life as a superhero post-Blip, and maintaining a relationship with MJ (Zendaya). But his world gets turned upside down in mere minutes after his secret identity gets revealed thanks to a heavily-edited video of Mysterio (Jake Gyllenhaal) broadcasted by The Daily Bugle. It's something of a cliffhanging ending as fans didn't see what's next for the web-slinging hero, but it's something that will more likely factor in Spider-Man 3, and if this new piece of artwork comes to fruition, Doctor Octopus will somehow factor into the story.

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Courtesy of digital artist ultraraw26 is mock-up poster for Spider-Man 3 implying the arrival of Doctor Octopus in the MCU - he even suggested a subtitle to the threequel - Home Sweet Home. In the caption, the creator gave more context as to what the film narrative is represented in this one-sheet, and apparently, he's mining inspiration from the print run by Dan Scott titled The Superior Spider-Man. Check out the fan-art below:

In that said comic book narrative, Otto Octavius takes over Peter's body, while he allowed the real wall-crawler to die in his own. However, when Peter's memories start to return, The Superior Spider-Man gets determined to be a better version of the hero than Peter ever was, and a better man than Octavius. Reaction from fans are split regarding this possibility, much of those against the idea don't want to see Peter die, others meanwhile, feel like it just doesn't make sense to go this direction considering what was set up in Far From Home.

No word yet on what fans can expect from Spider-Man 3 at this point considering that Disney/Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures Entertainment's new deal only guarantees Peter Parker for one more solo outing and an appearance in another film in the MCU. Word has it that Kevin Feige will utilize them to write the character out of the universe. That being said, another ongoing rumor suggest that the Sinister Six will debut in future films - whether that's part of Marvel or Sony's plans remains to be seen. So while this particular scenario implied by the fan-art seems too far-fetched at this point, that doesn't mean that Doctor Octopus won't eventually make another big screen appearance.

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Source: ultraraw26

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