MCU Fan Art Imagines Wakandan Kraven the Hunter in Spider-Man 3

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A new piece of MCU fan art imagines Kraven the Hunter suited up with Wakandan technology in Spider-Man 3. Spider-Man was introduced to the Marvel Cinematic Universe in Captain America: Civil Warbut the following year he got his own solo movie: Spider-Man: Homecoming

Most recently, Spider-Man swung back to theaters for Spider-Man: Far From Home where he went up against Mysterio (Jake Gyllenhaal) and a group of humanoids known as the Elementals. With Far From Home getting great reviews and also making Sony and Marvel a ton of money, a third Spider-Man will no doubt happen. Fans are already wondering who the villain will be this third time around, especially after director Jon Watts revealed that he wants Kraven the Hunter to be Spider-Man 3's villain. Now, fan art is starting to circulate the web of what that could look like.

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The artist BossLogic shared his interpretation of the character, imagining Kraven as a Wakandan outcast. His artwork is based on a source that revealed that Kraven in the MCU might come from a Wakandan tribe that was exiled. Kraven is suited up with his usual animal pelt, but is also equipped with Wakandan daggers and an artificial eye that is projecting Spider-Man's image. The artist's full post can be seen below:

While BossLogic used Mustafa Shakir as the basis for his artwork, there are other actors interested in the role. Deadpool actor Stefan Kapičić suggested himself for the role on social media shortly after Watts revealed his interest in Kraven the Hunter. While Kraven would be a logical choice for the next Spidey villain given Far From Home's post-credits scene, it still hasn't been confirmed who the villain will be for the third movie.

If Kraven is indeed chosen for the villain in Spider-Man 3, it would make sense to have him be of Wakandan descent. Marvel did a similar move with Vulture in Spider-Man: Homecoming by having the villain make a criminal living off of Chitauri technology from the Battle of New York. There's no indication that Shakir will be cast in the role as of right now, but that casting is unlikely to happen since he already played the character John McIver aka. Bushmaster in Luke Cage. While everything about Kraven the Hunter being the villain in Spider-Man 3 is pure speculation at this point, it doesn't make this fan artwork any less impressive.

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Source: BossLogic

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