Spiderman 3: Juggling Too Many Characters?


- Mary Jane Watson

- The Sandman

- Venom

- Gwen Stacy

- Harry Osborne (Hobgoblin?)

Venom was confirmed a couple of days ago as was the addition of Gwen Stacy (to be played by Bryce Dallas Howard). I think it's pretty cool that they're finally putting the Gwen character in a Spidey movie but I'm wondering how they'll be working her in?

For those of you unfamiliar, back in the day she was Peter Parker's "great love", who was killed when the Green Goblin tossed her off a bridge and Spiderman tried to save her by catching her with his web. Technically it was Spidey who killed her as her neck snapped when he stopped her fall.

I wonder if they'll kill off Mary Jane in the movie instead of Gwen Stacy?

One thing that I find funny is how they got a redhead to play a blonde and vice versa. Anyway, it just seems like an awful lot of characters to cram into one storyline. I suppose we'll have to wait and see.

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