Best Look Yet At New Spider-Man: Far From Home Suits Revealed At CCXP

Spider-Man Far From Home Costume Manhattan

The best looks yet at Spider-Man: Far From Home's new suits come from the floor of Brazil's Comic Con Experience (CCXP). Tom Holland will soon make his return as the MCU's Spider-Man, even though his character still isn't feeling good after Avengers: Infinity War. He is sure to return to life by the end of Avengers 4, as his sequel will come out just a few months later and pick up minutes after.

Far From Home is looking to continue and offer new movie adventures for the web-slinger by sending Peter overseas. Him and his classmates will travel across Europe in the sequel, but when they aren't visiting museums, Spidey will be on the hunt for Mysterio. The fan-favorite Spider-Man villain will be played by Jake Gyllenhaal and fans were able to get a glimpse at his live-action look during production. Along the way, photos and videos showed off new looks for Peter too. A brand new black, stealth suit was featured heavily, while the end of production revealed a new red and black suit.

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Only the red and black suit has officially been shown off by Holland, but now Sony is preparing to let everyone at CCXP get an up close look at both suits. Omelete shared exclusive photos from the floor of the con and of Sony's booth, which included the best looks yet at the stealth and red and black suits. A few of the photos can be seen below, while other detailed close ups can be found by following the source link to their website.

Set photos with various degrees of quality have already helped get fans accustomed to these new looks, but the details with these photos are terrific for fans wanting to see everything. The red and black suit has the lesser "reveals" thanks to the highly publicized nature of the costume. But, the stealth suit offers some great insight into the design. One aspect to it that many will notice is that the round patch on the right side of his chest does not have anything on it. When the earlier set photos were making the rounds, some thought a S.H.I.E.L.D. logo was there. Even without the logo, the prevailing theory is that this suit is given to Peter by Nick Fury.

As great of looks as these photos may be, fans could get to see them in action sooner than later. There are rumors of the first Far From Home trailer arriving later this week, so the footage could show Peter wearing either or both of these costumes. Of course, given the film's placement in the larger MCU slate, many are wondering what exactly they will show in the trailer. While some may prefer Sony to not show Spider-Man in his own trailer, that is incredibly unlikely. And since these costumes are on display at CCXP, it is reasonable to think both could be in Spider-Man: Far From Home's trailer.

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Source: Omelete

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