Spider-Women: 5 Characters We Want To See (& 5 We Don't)

In addition to introducing Miles Morales as a fresh and exciting new on-screen incarnation of Spidey (who fans are excited to follow through his own franchise), Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, by its very nature, was filled with the potential for spin-offs. We were introduced to a handful of different Spider-People, including Gwen Stacy as Spider-Gwen. Gwen was the first one to have her own spin-off announced.

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It’s called Spider-Women and it will see her join an all-female team of spider-powered superheroes. So, which familiar characters from the universe do we want to see in the movie, and who could we do without? Let's take a look! Just a quick note before we start: Spider-Woman and Silk don’t appear on this list, because they’re already confirmed to appear anyway.

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10 Want to see: Aunt May

In Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, we finally got an on-screen depiction of Aunt May who wasn’t just a docile old lady. Marisa Tomei’s May is younger, but she’s still just Peter’s aunt. In Into the Spider-Verse, Lily Tomlin played a badass version of Aunt May who had a secret bunker filled with Spidey tech and kicked the backdoor open to get to it.

When supervillains invaded her house, she didn’t cower or run away; she just asked them to take it outside. Tomlin is one of the funniest and most influential comedians of all time, and Spider-Women could give her the chance to shine that she didn’t get in the first Spider-Verse movie.

9 Don’t want to see: Peter Parker

Every single Spider-Man movie so far has included Peter Parker in some form or another. If Sony is hoping to build a cinematic universe around Spider-Man characters, then it needs to finally move past Peter.

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The studio has been taking baby steps towards telling Spider-Man stories without Peter Parker, with the Venom movie and introducing Miles Morales, but the best way to finally rip off that band-aid would be to not feature him in this movie, since it’s set in a parallel universe where he’s dead.

8 Want to see: Miles Morales

At the end of Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, we saw Gwen figuring out a way to contact Miles across their dimensions. So, with Gwen getting her own movie, it would make sense for their friendship to continue to grow across the spin-off.

Between the superhero action set pieces, Gwen will be on an emotional journey – internal conflict to contrast with the external conflict; an essential component of drama – so her interdimensional conversations with Miles would be a great way to vocalize and process those emotions without it feeling like an unwieldy soliloquy or excessive, lazy use of exposition on the writers’ part.

7 Don’t want to see: Julia Carpenter

Spider-Woman Julia Carpenter

Sony has a tendency to jump the gun on setting up future sequels and spin-offs, and it can sometimes come off as overkill. Into the Spider-Verse managed to pull it off by finding an integral place in the plot for every supporting character.

Executives might plan to introduce Julia Carpenter, the second Spider-Woman, alongside Jessica Drew, the original Spider-Woman. Julia can certainly appear sometime in the future when Jess’ arc comes to a natural stopping point, but Sony shouldn’t rush it now. Just focus on introducing Jess and building her up as her own character before bringing in her replacement.

6 Want to see: Peni Parker and Sp//dr

Into The Spider-Verse Peni Parker

If Sony is going all in with a female-centered spin-off from Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, focusing on the female Spider-People from that movie and also introducing a couple of others, it wouldn’t really be fair not to include Peni Parker and her robot sidekick Sp//dr.

She was a great addition to Into the Spider-Verse and she was criminally underused by that movie, having hardly anything to do. Plus, the anime style of her universe added a fun twist to the animation, and her use of a robot for her superheroics makes her a unique kind of hero in this universe.

5 Don’t want to see: Kaine Parker

Spider-Man Scarlet Spider Kaine Parker

Sony might be tempted to use Kaine Parker’s Scarlet Spider as the villain in Spider-Women, to give it a link to Peter Parker, but he should be set up for a multi-movie arc alongside Peter himself if he’s going to make it to the big screen.

Kaine was initially a villain before eventually becoming a hero and fighting alongside Peter. Plus, the focus of Spider-Women is on female representation, with an all-female team of superheroes, so there should probably be a female villain, too, and there has never been a female incarnation of Scarlet Spider in the comics.

4 Want to see: Spiderling

Spiderling is the superhero alter ego of Annie Parker, Peter Parker and Mary Jane’s teenage daughter who inherited her father’s powers. In Spider-Gwen’s dimension, Peter Parker was Gwen Stacy’s best friend and he died, spurring her on to become a superhero.

Before he died, he could’ve had a daughter with Mary Jane and she could’ve grown up to become Spiderling. Into the Spider-Verse introduced Mary Jane as the love of Peter’s life in every dimension, played by Zoë Kravitz, so it would be easy to fit Spiderling into the plot – and she would also be a terrific addition to the story.

3 Don’t want to see: Black Cat

Although Sam Raimi planned to include her as a villain in his ultimately canceled Spider-Man 4 project and Felicity Jones briefly played Norman Osborn’s assistant “Felicity” in The Amazing Spider-Man 2, we still haven’t seen the classic Spidey villain Black Cat on the big screen.

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Since Spider-Women has an all-female superhero team and the point of it is female representation, it would make sense for them to fight a female villain. However, Black Cat works better as a villain to Peter Parker. It would be fun to see her try to seduce Tom Holland’s Spider-Man in a live-action movie instead.

2 Want to see: Anya Corazon

It’s about time Anya Corazon got her due. She was left out of Into the Spider-Verse, but there’s a chance to rectify that by giving her a role alongside Spider-Gwen in the upcoming Spider-Women spin-off. In the comics, Anya Corazon is a superhero with the same spider-related powers that the Spider-Verse characters have, and she goes by the name Spider-Girl.

She also has some abilities that set her apart, like using grappling hooks instead of webs and being shielded by a blue exoskeleton akin to symbiotes. So far, the Spider-Verse franchise has been great for representation, and introducing Anya would add to that.

1 Don’t want to see: Ben Reilly

Ben Reilly aka Scarlet Spider

Ben Reilly is a clone of Peter Parker that was created by the Jackal in an attempt to recreate Spider-Man and make him a villain. It’s an interesting concept for a villain, but Spider-Women shouldn’t use Ben. Instead, the plot could take the same basic idea and swap Peter for Gwen.

An evil clone of Gwen Stacy that suddenly starts terrorizing New York City would be a gripping inciting incident to take Gwen out of her comfort zone, and also give the team a reason to get together. On top of that, cloning would be a new lofty sci-fi concept to introduce, in a franchise that began with inter-dimensional travel.

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