10 Spider-Women We Could See In The Spider-Verse Spinoff

Well, that was fast. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse is already on track for a sequel and a spinoff. Right now, we don't know too many details about the sequel, probably because it would spoil the first movie, but we do know something about the spinoff.

In a move that will surely please Spider-Fans, Sony is building an all-female team for their next animated web-slinging adventure. It's not too far of a leap to assume that Sony will take a Spider-Verse inspired approach to the spinoff, bringing together different Spider-Women from Marvel's menu of alternate universes. So put on your Spectacular Speculating caps, true believers! Here are 10 Spider-Women We Could See in the Spider-Verse Spinoff.

10. Peni Parker

Into The Spider-Verse Peni Parker

Like fellow Spider-People, Peni was bitten by a radioactive spider. Unlike many of her compatriots, however, Peni received the bite voluntarily. Without it, she wouldn't be able to pilot the spectacular SP//dr mech suit, the last creation of her scientist father before he died. Now, Peni defends her world's New York City against threats like M.O.R.B.I.U.S. and the VEN#m mech suit. At just 9 years old, Peni is the youngest member of the Spider-Core, but that doesn't mean she's got any less power (or responsibil- oh you get it).

Of course, you already know Peni and her SP//dr suit from Into the Spider-Verse. Her manga design makes her stand out against an already colorful animated universe, so you can bet we'll see her in the spinoff. Plus, if she's half as cool as she seems from the Spider-Verse ads, we'll probably see her pop up in the direct sequel as well.

9. Scream

Scream in Venom

As you know, Spider-Verse isn't the only Sony Spider-Man movie to come out this year. Despite negative reviews from critics, Venom has smashed its way through this fall's box office. With sales topping Wonder Woman, Justice League, and every X-Men movie ever, Venom's symbiote story is sure to become a mainstay in Sony's future prospects. However, Venom wasn't the only one of Marvel's symbiotes to appear in his film.

The monster called Scream showed up in Venom as part of the sinister Life Foundation's exploration into alien life. At the end of the film, her character's fate was left undetermined. If Sony wanted to create a bridge between Venom and the Spider-Verse with a female character, Scream is absolutely the way to go. She'd add danger to the ensemble, serving as either an antagonist or reluctant protagonist like Venom himself. Though Scream's murderous nature might be a little too dark for the animated superhero flick, she's still a character worth exploring. Whether that's in a PG or R rated movie is up to Sony.

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8. Araña

Spider-Girl Anya Corazon Exoskeleton Armor

Anya Corazon's spider-powers didn't come by way of science. Her hero's journey began when she saved a kind of spider-wizard, one who awarded her the strength and agility we've come to expect from web-slingers. However, Araña's powers don't stop at gymnastics. When threatened, she can form a powerful exoskeleton around herself. It's a bright blue coating reminiscent of a classic Spider-Suit, but with an organic feel. In a cinematic landscape so full of advanced suit tech, it would be cool to see something that looks more Swamp Thing than Iron Man.

If she was in the spinoff, this would be Araña's first venture outside comics. And it would be smart for Sony to give her that platform. With her magic-based powers and Mexican heritage, Araña would add diversity to a team of web-warriors. In a movie featuring a team of similarly-powered characters, there's a chance some people might complain about lack of distinction. Araña is the answer to that.

7. Betty Brant

Spider-Girl Betty Brant

Before comics were all about alternate universes converging, Marvel published a book all about fudging timelines. What If? comics featured popular Marvel faces in different scenarios, usually wrapping up stories in just one comic book. One of those stories featured Daily Bugle reporter Betty Brant getting bit by the same radioactive spider that bit Peter Parker in another universe. After the accident, she called herself Spider-Girl, put on the most awkward costume of all time, and set out to kick some criminal butt.

It could be fun to see Betty on screen for several reasons. First, she could serve as a callback to the campy Spider-Man of the '60s in her mannerisms and art style. Second, that costume is genuinely hysterical. Lastly, there's a great opportunity for casting Betty Brant. If you remember Betty from the Sam Raimi Spider-Man movies, you'll recall she was played by none other than Elizabeth Banks. Banks proved her animation chops as Wyldstyle in The LEGO Movie, and it would be great to see her take on a superhero. Spider-Verse is already setting up a legacy of stellar voice casting, and adding Banks' Betty would be a bombshell boon.

6. Spider-Gwen

Into The Spider-Verse Gwen Stacy

Maybe the most obvious person on this list, Spider-Gwen had fans reeling when she showed up at the end of the first Spider-Verse trailer. From a universe where Gwen Stacy was bitten instead of Peter Parker, Spider-Gwen has been a fan favorite Marvel comic character since her debut in 2014. And it's easy to tell why. Gwen is bold and snarky, resilient, and intuitive. Plus, she's the lead singer in a punk band, the Mary Janes. If that's not a recipe for a perfect superhero, I don't know what is.

Spider-Gwen will probably feature as the main protagonist in the Spider-Verse spinoff, similar to what Miles Morales is doing in this film. However, Gwen's role will likely be from a "teacher" standpoint as opposed to Miles' "student" status, due to her apparent knowledge of the Spider-Verse. For the same reason, it's likely that she'll also be the one putting together the team. And if her alternate universe knowledge isn't enough to make her team captain, fan devotion definitely is. Just like the Mary Janes, Sony would be smart to put Gwen Stacy in the lead.

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5. Spider-Ma'am

Image via Marvel Comics

May Parker’s nephew Peter forgot his lunch on the day of his science lab field trip. When May arrived to deliver it, she was bitten by a radioactive spider. Yes, the woman behind this universe’s Spider-Mask is none other than Aunt May.

As you can see in the image above, Spider-Ma’am decided that her superhero outfit would be as close to her regular old lady clothes as she could possibly make it. It’s an example of the level of sheer hilarity with which this character is handled; a level which won’t be unprecedented in the Spider-Verse. John Mulaney’s cartoonish Spider-Ham is sure to win over audiences after his big screen debut, and including a similarly silly character in the spinoff would be a great move. Plus, it’s time for an old lady, Aunt May again. She’s a badass.

4. Madame Web

No one on this list is anything like Madame Web. She’s not gifted with the typical agility and strength Spider-People possess. Instead, her gift is her incredible Spider-Sense, one that makes her a powerful psychic force. Madame Web is older and wiser, serving as a kind of mentor to some Marvel characters in the past. It would be great to see her as an Obi-Wan type for the gang of young Spider-Folks, guiding them to save the day.

Fans will remember that Joan Lee, wife of Stan Lee, voiced Madame Web in the '90s Spider-Man cartoon. Including Madam Web could be a touching tribute to a woman who was so influential to the Spider-Man franchise, and would surely bring back memories for fans of the old show. Plus, we might actually get a big screen explanation to how Spider-Sense works? We can dream.

3. Spider-Girl

Mayday Parker is, out of everyone on this page, the most literal member of the Spider-Family. She's the alternate universe daughter of Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson, who took up the mask when her father suffered a devastating injury at the hands of a Green Goblin. Mayday hails from the MC2 universe, a briefly-lived "sequel" to Marvel's main continuity. Together with American Dream (the niece of Sharon Carter), and Wild Thing (the daughter of Elektra and Wolverine), Spider-Girl defends the other Marvel U from the descendants of common Marvel villains.

Incorporating Spider-Girl makes sense when you consider the source material. Some of the MC2's strongest characters were women, and they weren't afraid to put them in leadership roles. Even if Sony doesn't take direct characters from the MC2, they're already taking the initiative in incorporating more women in comic book media.

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2. Silk

Cindy Moon and our Peter Parker are from the same universe. Heck, they're from the same origin story. Right after that infamous radioactive spider bit Pete, it crawled over to young Cindy and blessed her with powers. From there, though, her story differs wildly. Instead of being left on her own to find a heroic path, Cindy is trained by a Spider-Master called Ezekiel, then locked away for years to protect her against reality-hopping villains who feed on Spider-People. Silk loses all chance of a normal life, not to mention her family, from the experience.

Spider-Man's character has always hinged on his power being both a blessing and a curse. For Silk, her powers lean a lot harder toward the "curse" side, which would add an interesting dynamic to the team. It would also add some emotional gravity to the movie; Silk's tale makes it clear that being a hero isn't all fun and games. Even in a "fun and games" type of movie, it's important to have that grounding.

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1. Spider-Woman

Alright, let's clarify something first: Many of the characters on this list have gone by the codename Spider-Woman at one point or another. However, it's Jessica Drew that holds the most recognition by that name. And she's earned it. Her character is fascinating, having gone from a science experiment to brainwashed HYDRA agent to Avenger over the course of her existence. She's seen so many different angles of the Marvel universe, appearing as a leader of the New Avengers team, a captive aboard a Skrull Invasion ship (while she was pregnant!), and a supportive best friend for Captain Marvel herself, Carol Danvers.

It would definitely be hard to condense this character's expansive history into one movie, especially a team-driven one. However, the popularity of her character to Marvel readers almost certainly ensures her inclusion in the Spider-Verse at some point. Could that be a solo film somewhere down the line? It definitely wouldn't surprise us.

Which Spider-Women do you hope makes it into the Spider-Verse spinoff? Did we miss any of your favorites? Let us know in the comments below!

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