Spider-Verse Theory: Peter Parker Is Tobey Maguire's Spider-Man

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Some Events Are Different In Into The Spider-Verse

There are a few other hints that this isn't precisely Tobey Maguire's Spider-Man. The aforementioned scene of Spider-Man's dinner with Mary Jane being ruined by a flying car is different in a number of ways - in Spider-Man 2, Peter Parker is in civvies (not in costume), he and Mary Jane are in a cafe (not a fancy restaurant) and he dodges the car whilst grabbing Mary Jane, rather than simply turning around and punching it away. The aforementioned differences to the train scene also set this animated Spidey apart from Tobey Maguire's rendition.

Co-director Rodney Rothman has already outright stated that this Peter Parker "isn't [one] you've seen before", but his comments stem from the idea that this is an older, world-weary Spider-Man in as much need of a mentee as Miles Morales is in need of a mentor - "Similar to how you would think of a pro athlete nearing his 40's."

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The soundbite doesn't necessarily remove the idea that this Peter Parker ran a similar track in his early crime-fighting career as Tobey Maguire did in his trilogy, albeit with minor differences, eventually leading him to become the character voiced by Jake Johnson. That idea is a lot more interesting and exciting than the supposition that this is yet another brand new Peter Parker.

It's Funnier If Other Spider-Men Are Referenced

Andrew Garfield, Tom Holland, and Tobey Maguire as Spider-Man

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse is clearly a film that isn't afraid to take jabs at Spider-Man's place in pop culture, with jokes about how the superhero has his own comics, merch, and even a Christmas album. Considering we've had three different live-action Spider-Men in the last 11 years, and knowing that Lord & Miller's particular brand of comedy comes with meta-textual commentary on the brands they take on (see also: the Jump Street movies), it's easy to imagine that we'll witness some kind of joke at Tobey Maguire, Andrew Garfield and Tom Holland's expense in Into the Spider-Verse - especially as it's a film about parallel universe versions of Spider-Man.

If this Peter Parker ends up being as advertised - essentially, a finely-tuned and distilled version of Peter Parker that incorporates all the best qualities and experiences from many renditions of Spider-Man - then the scope still exists for the movie to make fun of other big screen versions of the web-slinger. If they don't at least make a reference to the previous cinematic versions of Spider-Man, it could be something fans get to laugh at in a potential sequel, should the film find success this holiday season.

After all, for a film where its sense of humor seems to be one of its main selling features, it'd be a shame not to take the opportunity to laugh at Tobey Maguire's ridiculous facial expressions, Andrew Garfield's trendy, indie-skateboarder aesthetic, or Tom Holland's ability to make a pile of dust look so lifelike.

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