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Emo Peter Parker

Too many villains. Web hammocks. Bernard the butler. James Franco doing the twist while making an omelette. There are a lot of reasons why Spider-Man 3 was a disaster. But as frustrating as the rush-job on Topher Venom was, nothing was more disturbing then seeing Spider-Man brush his hair down

and pop his collar up.

Credit where credit is due, Tobey Maguire acts the heck out of Emo Peter Parker. From his sidewalk dance-strut to causally indifferent finger-snapping, no one has ever looked so good doing something so awful. The rehearsal time alone that must have gone into his jazz club ballroom dance scene is worth applauding. But as infamously memorable as Maguire's swing moves are, they were just the webbing on the cake of an all around ill-conceived superhero movie.

Spider-Man turn off the dark
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