Our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man has saved countless lives. At times, however, he’s also been remarkably unfriendly, which has resulted in him taking lives and ruining countless others. Peter Parker started his superhero career at the tender age of 15, so there was always going to be growing pains. He’s made some mistakes along the way. The only problem is that some of those mistakes were pretty major, with many of them coming well after he was old enough to know better. Some of them make you wonder if he’s even a hero at all. If only his spider-sense could double as a moral compass. Okay, sure, that’s a bit misleading. He’s not a villain, but he’s done some heinous, villainous things; dare we say, evil things.

For this list, we’ve scoured the sixty-year history of the character for the web-headed menace’s worst actions, and before you ask, yes, we included Spider-Man 3. We had to. That movie was a crime against humanity and a human rights violation. Throw out your “Magneto was Right” shirts, go down to Hot Topic and buy yourself an overpriced “J. Jonah was Right” shirt, because these are the 15 Most Evil Things Spider-Man has Done.

15. He didn’t stop the robber

spider man burglar uncle ben 15 Most Evil Things Spider Man Has Done

It had to be this event. This was the real beginning of the “ol’ Parker luck.” You know the gag: while working as a wrestler, Spider-Man didn’t stop the robber who ripped off the promoter he worked for—it wasn’t his problem. The karmic recompense was worthy of Vince Gilligan: the robber goes on to kill Uncle Ben.

Steve Ditko defined Spider-Man in that instant, using the tragedy to drive home the life lesson about power and responsibility and whatnot. But it doesn’t change the fact that at the moment the robber sailed passed and Parker did nothing—all he had to do was reach out a knee and trip the guy (to say nothing of his superhuman abilities)—he unwittingly condemned Uncle Ben to death. The ol’ Parker luck indeed. This is a real downer to start on. Maybe this’ll make you guys feel better.

14. Kissed dead girlfriend’s daughter in front of his wife

Spider Man Sarah Stacy Gwen Mary Jane Sins remembered goblin 15 Most Evil Things Spider Man Has Done

Well, this one’s going to take some explaining. In the truly awful Sins Past story, Peter finds out that before her death, Gwen Stacy had twins (Gabriel and Sarah) with Norman Osborn. Osborn then played around with their genetics and sped up their aging process. Fast forward to the equally terrible Sins Remembered arc, that saw Spider-Man teaming with Sarah to save Gabriel from the French mafia. Peter feels uncomfortable around Sarah, who is almost identical to Gwen; Sarah, in turn, is attracted to Peter.

Let’s just note that Sarah is also technically only ten years old, Peter’s married, and up until recently, Sarah thought Peter was her father. But let’s not let good taste and sanity get in the way of a classic like this. Naturally, this ends with Sarah kissing Peter and Mary-Jane walking in to catch them. Of course, the whole thing gets wrapped up in a neat little package. Gabriel is still crazy, Sarah works for Interpol, and somehow, MJ doesn’t divorce Peter.