Spider-Man Has a Web Parachute in New Homecoming Concept Art

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Spider-Man looks to be in danger as he untangles a web parachute in some newly released concept art from Spider-Man: Homecoming. The solo debut of Spidey in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is just days away from release, and new content continues to trickle out to promote Tom Holland's first major leading role.

The newest images from Homecoming include Spider-Man fighting the Shocker, while Marvel Studios chief Kevin Feige has recently been quite active in his promotion of the movie just ahead of its release. Concept art has surfaced online as well, including looks at Spider-Man fighting the fake Avengers and at the expressions of Spidey's new mask. The newest released design, however, shows Spider-Man having a bit of trouble with a parachute.

Marvel Studios Head of Visual Development Ryan Meinerding shared a previously unreleased piece of concept art for Homecoming to his Instagram account on Sunday, revealing a tangled-up Spider-Man who looks to be in serious danger. Spider-Man's high-tech suit designed by Tony Stark does contain a parachute, which can be seen briefly in the third trailer for Homecoming as Spider-Man gets pulled high into the sky by Vulture (Michael Keaton). Check it out below:

Spidey in danger from Spider-man: Homecoming!! Working for @jnwtts was a fantastic time, so many awesome moments to draw! #spidermanhomecoming #marvel #spidey #mcu #spiderman #spidermancosplay #movieart #conceptart #keyframe #webhead #ryanmeinerding #costume #costumedesign @tomholland2013

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"Working for [director Jon Watts] was a fantastic time, so many awesome moments to draw!" Meinerding's caption reads. A longtime artist for Marvel Studios, Meinerding is credited as part of the art department as far back as the first Iron Man. He's also credited in the art department for The Avengers, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, and Guardians of the Galaxy.

Much of the action in previews for Homecoming shows Holland showing off his powers and the bells & whistles of his high-tech suit, but only brief glimpses at the more dangerous situations. Clearly, he's eventually going to need the parachute and it may not be easy to get it to work at first. Battling the Vulture above New York City will do that. This new concept art is an intriguing preview of what to expect when Spider-Man faces adversity.

Holland's version of Peter Parker in Spider-Man: Homecoming is being billed as a more fun-loving version of the character than usual, embracing and enjoying his powers instead of viewing them as a burden. That attitude likely won't help him when he's plunging through the sky needing to untangle a parachute. If Meindering's new concept art is any indication, a potential parachute problem could be one of the biggest obstacles for the hero to overcome.

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Source: Ryan Meinerding

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