Watching This Spider-Man VR Video Makes Us Dizzy

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A new Spider-man VR game, called Spider-Man: Far From Home Virtual Reality Experience, dropped last week, and it looks like a wild ride. Developed by CreateVR and published by Sony Pictures Virtual Reality, the new game - or “experience” - coincided with the release of Spider-Man: Far From Home in theaters.

This isn’t the first time a VR game has put players in Spidey’s shoes. It’s not even the first Spider-Man VR game from CreateVR. Back in 2017, the studio developed a companion game timed to the release of the Spider-Man: Homecoming film. That game, titled Spider-Man: Homecoming Virtual Reality Experiencewasn’t particularly well received. It was only 10 minutes long, but players still complained that it felt too repetitive, had awkward controls, and contained too many bugs for its short run time. It currently has Mixed reviews on Steam, and most outlets either panned the game or ignored it completely.

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We haven’t tried it out for ourselves yet, but it looks like Spider-Man’s latest foray into VR is much more successful, though maybe not for the faint of heart. At least, that’s the impression we got from watching Node’s gameplay video. The video starts off with Spider-Man diving off a skyscraper like he’s imitating Neo from The Matrix, and gets even more nauseating from there. Unlike its predecessor, which was a mostly on-rails demo, Spider-Man: Far From Home Virtual Reality Experience lets players explore a sizeable chunk of New York City at their leisure, and that means plenty of web slinging. Even just watching the video may be enough to make a player's head spin a bit, and it gets more intense when Spidey starts facing off against flying drones and a building-sized robot. With the VR headset on, it looks like a dizzying - though very satisfying - experience.

The game is currently rated Very Positive on Steam, so we’re not the only ones who think it looks like a vast improvement over CreateVR’s last effort. Some players still had complaints about the controls and the feel of swinging, but most agreed that it’s the closest a game has come to actually making them feel like the Web-Slinger themselves. In any case, it’s a free VR demo, so we’re not exactly expecting it to compete with PS4’s Spider-Man.

Like a lot of VR games, Spider-Man: Far From Home Virtual Reality Experience looks like it’s best played with a room full of friends to laugh at how silly they look while playing it. Even if that’s not the case, it still looks like a good option if seeing Spider-Man: Far From Home or watching Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse for the 10th time still leaves fans wanting more Spidey.

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Source: Node, Steam

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