Scorpion Is The Key To Bridging The MCU & The Spider-Man Spinoffs

Michael Mando as Scorpion and Tom Hardy as Venom

Scorpion may be the key to Spider-Man on film, briding Sony's villain universe and the MCU. This October, Tom Hardy will bring the tongue-slavering symbiote that is Venom to life on the big screen. Sony is hoping this will be the successful launch of a whole new range of super-villain films, with Silver & Black due to start filming in Atlanta later this year.

One question that has dogged the Spider-villain franchise since it was first announced is whether it be loosely connected to the MCU. Fans have struggled to believe characters like Venom and the Black Cat could make sense in a world without Spider-Man. Unfortunately, responses from Sony and Marvel have been mixed, leading to a lot of confusion on the issue. The evidence is certainly building that Sony want their films to tie in somehow (there are even rumors Tom Holland will appear as Peter Parker in Venom). But how can we know for sure?

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Curiously enough, the answer may lie with a secondary character introduced in Spider-Man: Homecoming. The Scorpion may be more important than anyone expected.

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Scorpion's Introduction in Spider-Man: Homecoming

Scorpion in Spider-Man Homecoming

In the comics, the Scorpion is one of Spider-Man's oldest foes. He was actually created by J. Jonah Jameson, who believed Spider-Man to be a terrifying menace. Jameson hired former private investigator Mac Gargan to find out how Peter Parker was getting his Spider-Man photos. Gargan failed, and Jameson decided to move to a more direct method of bringing Spidey to 'justice.' He funded an experiment in genetic mutation, with Gargan as the test subject. Unfortunately, the process didn't just grant Gargan super-powers; it also drove him insane. The Scorpion has been a recurring thorn in Spider-Man's side ever since. Ironically, more often that not Spider-Man wound up saving Jameson's life; Scorpion has a relentless desire for revenge upon his creator.

Scorpion - or, at least, Mac Gargan - made his big screen debut in Spider-Man: Homecoming. Played by Michael Mando, he was the buyer at the start of the ferry sequence, and returned in the post-credits scene to threaten Vulture into revealing Spidey's true identity. Inspired by the Ultimate version of the character - a scarred and tattooed mobster who ultimately gained super-powers - it's a small role, one that has many expecting a return in Spider-Man 2.

The Scorpion may Appear in Silver & Black

Intriguingly, there have been consistent reports that the Scorpion will actually appear in Sony's second spinoff, Silver & Black. Multiple sources have confirmed that the film will center on Mendell Stromm as the main bad guy; it's been consistently reported that Stromm will be a major player in Oscorp, and that Black Cat will have stolen information that could undermine him. Meanwhile, Silver Sable is hired to acquire the information, but has a personal vendetta against Stromm herself.

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However, the film is set to feature a whole range of supervillains as support who either work alongside Stromm or act as allies for Silver Sable and Black Cat. Here's where Scorpion comes in: he's said to be one of Stromm's key enforcers, alongside fellow Spider-villain Tarantula. Importantly, this version of the Scorpion will actually be outfitted with a powerful exo-armor, complete with the traditional tail. One report has even suggested the Scorpion will be a major player in the film's climactic battle.

While it's usually best to take rumors with a serious pinch of salt, these have been repeated by multiple sources. It really does seem likely that the Scorpion will play a significant role in Silver & Black.

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